Today, our students experienced some of the most quintessentially Oxonion activities – punting and picnicking. In the summer months the city is full of students and townspeople alike floating down the rivers, enjoying the nice weather. It was a beautifully sunny day, perfect for punting, and after lunch, everyone headed down to the Cherwell Boathouse to try their hand at it – a new experience for almost all of our students!

After an initially shaky start by some of our staff members, the students took over and many of them proved to be very talented. Lionellie had never tried it before but was described as the best punter Gemma has ever seen, and Adrian rescued his group’s punt from going the wrong way down the river. David also turned out to be a natural, speeding down the river – although his technique of punting from the front of the boat was a little unorthodox!

After a successful afternoon punting, everyone made their way to the nearby University Parks for a tasty picnic. A selection of freshly made sandwiches and cakes awaited them, and they all settled down to excitedly debrief about their punting experiences. An enthusiastic game of football broke out, and a lot of students were involved in a long game of Red Sea, which had all the houses laughing and joking, and making new friends.