It was time for our students to partake in one of the famous academic exercises in Oxford, engaging in debate at the Union which has played host to various academics, politicians, and celebrities throughout its history. A small handful of notable speakers from its past include the Dalai Lama, famous ex British Prime-minister Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and many more illustrious members that our students were about to join.

Many of our students were new to debating, whereas others had practiced it previously; however all excelled in the practice, doing themselves proud in the process.
The first class began with an introduction to dialogue and encouraged students to look at the construction of sentences. After they had looked at this they were then asked to stand on a human spectrum spanning the length of the room on whether the statement’s construction was useful or not to dialogue.

Once we had finished with a short break everyone moved on to their next class, with people looking at the British parliamentary style of debate and the so called ‘hot air balloon’ debate style. This consisted of eight students all taking on the persona of a historical leader, something our students got very creative with! In this, Alex’s passionate representation of Donald Trump was definitely a stand out performance, mixing satire with strong points.

Everyone was then treated to burritos for dinner as the students recharged their battery’s for the main event of the day, the debating final in the Oxford Union. The teams were set to debate over the question, “Should the government be allowed to monitor our private conversations.”, both sides gave an incredible set of point’s and the audience were blown away by the strength of both teams. However, unfortunately there could only be one winner. The judges gave the no team the overall victory, but named Tirion the stand out debater of the contest. An extremely interesting and intellectually stimulating day for all.