Tuesday was another beautiful blue-sky day in Oxford, and marked the beginning of the normal routine of classes and independent study time for the students. Eva was very excited after her first Law lesson with Ivo, her tutor, where she got a chance to dive into some ethical and moral scenarios, and come up with her own definition for ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

Exploring Oxford

Saif and Yazeed, who are part of the Young Doctors’ Academy, learned how to use their stethoscopes and eagerly practised listening to their tutor’s heart rate. They couldn’t find it initially, so naturally concluded that he was dead.

Girls Smiling

In the afternoon, students attended a Resilience Masterclass with Oxford medical students, who taught them techniques for relaxation and stress relief. Favourites included those that required students to focus all their energy into a raisin, and the popping of bubble wrap to relieve tension!

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After dinner, everyone was treated to a novel production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The first half of the play was interactive, and required audience members to follow clues around Oxford in order to find the actors in the ‘Secret Fairy Garden’, where the second half of the play took place. The antics of Puck, the fairy who caused all sorts of trouble for the young lovers, were especially entertaining. Lampl students were particularly excited for the play, and were among the most successful at finding clues. Youssef was selected by the actors to participate in the performance, and was instrumental in finding the ‘Secret Fairy Garden’. The warm evening was much enjoyed by all.