At Oxford Scholastica, we are making every effort to inform our students about their university and career prospects. In light of this, we have given the students a choice of two Masterclasses in either universities or careers led by our tutor Lucy.

Students were given key tips, such as the importance of tailoring curriculum vitaes to every individual job application. Sanah found this particularly useful as there was a case study about applying to an engineering firm.

Alex brushed up on his acting skills as he took on the role of interviewer to demonstrate what a good performance at interviews is like.

Dobbie, Fatma and Kit

For dinner, we went to Noodle Nation, where some of the boys decided to name a football team of the best eleven players under the age of 23. Jacques clearly had a lot of influence on this as there was a strong French presence on the team.

We then settled down to watch ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the famous Oxford Castle. Ryan particularly enjoyed the comical side of things and students were enjoying a different take on the Shakespearean play.

Tomorrow, we have our very first edition of Oxford’s Got Talent.