By Tuesday all the classes were starting to get to know each other really well and the intensity of the work being done stepped up significantly. Once the students had managed their classwork for the day, we headed over to the Hogacre Common for our Volunteering Masterclass. Huzaifa and Emma both get a mention for the huge amount of work they put in over the afternoon, however the group as a whole achieved a lot too. Efforts included the demolition and removal of an old greenhouse, the building of a willow dome for the children’s garden and a number of spectacularly painted flower pots. After volunteering and a delicious dinner at Las Iguanas we headed into the Record Games in the accommodation. Events of the evening included putting the most grapes in one’s mouth (won by Aziz, just edging out Guillermo), eating doughnuts with no hands (led by Roger and Anthony) and hula hooping which was dominated by Nora and Aurora. The group then headed to bed to be ready for the Windsor day trip.

volunteering 2

record games 1