The first full day of classes was upon us and our students were excited to show off the introductory work that they had done. The morning went by in a flurry of activity, with students dutifully completing independent study in their rooms, and hurrying off to class to see what the day had in store for them.

The students also had their first proper taste of free time over their lunch break today, with groups heading off to a variety of places around town and getting a chance to explore all the sights that they saw on their tours the previous day.

The afternoon was filled with our first masterclasses – either ‘Failure to Success,’ which taught students about how initial failures can be dealt with an overcome to achieve great things, and ‘What Does It Mean To Be Great?’ which discussed different ideas and attitudes towards ‘greatness,’ and how our students can work to be ‘great’ in their lives. Both were very interesting sessions, and left the students with plenty to think about.

After a speedy dinner at one of three local restaurants everyone headed over to the Oxford Castle to watch an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The plot had been succinctly explained by some of our more dramatically-inclined Activities Coordinators earlier in the day, and we were lucky to have bright sunny weather for the performance, so the spare blankets were not really needed!

The play also featured a stunning performance from Ivo, our Law, and Leadership & International Relations tutor. His acting as Mercutio brought some hilarious moments to the play, and delighted his students who were very excited to see their tutor on stage!