Today, our students experienced some of the most quintessentially Oxonion activities – punting and picnicking. Punting was an activity unknown to the vast majority of our students, and some interesting explanations and demonstrations took place in our common rooms before students set off to the River Cherwell to try their hand at it!

After an initially shaky start by some of our staff members, the students took over and many of them proved to be very talented. Dagny’s slow and steady technique proved to be a winner, and Denys’ previous experience made him an expert who steered his punt admirably. Louis also turned out to be a natural, speeding down the river – although his technique of punting from the front of the boat was a little unorthodox!

After a successful afternoon punting, everyone made their way to the nearby University Parks for a tasty picnic. After some cloudy weather during punting, the sun had re-emerged for the picnic, which made for a delightful evening outside. A selection of freshly made sandwiches and cakes was quickly consumed, and they all settled down to excitedly debrief about their punting experiences. An enthusiastic game of football broke out, and a lot of students were involved in various games and sports, which had all the houses laughing and joking, and making new friends.