International Relations summer school

International Relations Summer School

Your successful future in international relations starts here. Join our International Relations Summer School held on the Oxford University campus and discover, experience and prepare for your future.

Oxford International Relations Summer School

Want to spend part of your summer in magical Oxford? Our international relations summer course for high school students takes place at Oxford University. Are you interested in the role leaders play in a global society? If so, then this course is perfect for you.

Our International Relations Summer School lets you explore international relations, politics, philosophy, and economics. You’ll feel inspired as you encounter big new ideas. And, you’ll make friends with fellow students from around the globe who have different perspectives.

You’ll meet a social entrepreneur, take part in a United Nations challenge, and learn about different political systems. You’ll leave this Oxford experience with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions about your future.

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Students in International Relations summer courses class

Experience International Relations, Politics & Leadership (15-18 Year olds)

Learn about your leadership style in Oxford this summer and find out about the characteristics of a strong leader. This course is perfect for those interested in a career in the civil service, business, senior management, diplomacy or NGOs.
International Relations summer school students in the Oxford Union

Experience Debate & Public Speaking (15-18 year olds)

Are you fascinated by the power of speech? This summer course develops your confidence and ability to persuade your audience. You’ll also find out how to use your new skills in various professional contexts. It’s perfect for those interested in a career in politics, law or media.

The Best Courses, The Best People, Your Future Success:

Get the Oxford Experience

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The Best International Relations Courses

High school summer international relations courses designed to stimulate, stretch and challenge you – whatever your subject knowledge

International Relations summer courses tutor

The Best People

Taught by tutors from world-class institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Students at graduation ceremony

Your future SUCCESS

An International Relations Summer School designed to help you discover, experience and prepare for a successful future

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Get the Oxford Experience

Delivered on the prestigious Oxford University campus

International Relations Summer Course Testimonials

At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, I was able to broaden my horizons in an excellent interdisciplinary International Relations summer course that stimulated me in ways that I have not experienced in high school beforehand. I was also able to practise independence and meet friendly and passionate people from all over the world. If I could stay another two weeks, I would!

Alana Lidia Scauzillo

Canada, Experience International Relations, Politics & Leadership Academy

It just surpassed our expectations in every way – pre-attendance organisation, facilities, high level of the programme, challenging course, interesting and diverse attendees from all around the world, dedicated creative teachers, great balance of time working and time for personal endeavors and friend making, supportive staff, teamwork oriented, family-like atmosphere, caring and nurturing environment, academically and personally challenging, true college campus experience…in short, just exceeded all expectations.
Bill & Tanya Mateo

Russia, Parents of Paulina

I have taught with Oxford Scholastica for a number of years and am consistently impressed by the excellent experience students are offered. As both a former teacher and university admissions advisor at a leading UK school, I can say with confidence that OSA students are offered an invaluable opportunity to explore what really interests them, and prepare for their path to university. It really does give students an advantage.

Jo Cruse

Tutor, and former teacher at leading UK school

Why choose our Oxford International Relations Summer School

Our international relations summer course for high school students are designed to help you develop your leadership skills. You’ll also learn about different political systems, and how diplomacy plays out on the global stage. You’ll have access to:

  • An expert team of predominantly Oxbridge-educated tutors
  • Learning programmes that combine classroom-based study with hands-on experiences, such as meeting a successful social entrepreneur
  • Invaluable insights into the university admissions process, along with subject knowledge that will help you get ahead in international relations. We have a proven track record of preparing thousands of high school students for future success
  • Transferable skills that will be prized by universities and employers whether you pursue international relations or not, such as the ability to work with others, critical thinking and public speaking.

What can you expect from our International Relations Summer School?

Our international relations summer courses are a perfect introduction to global affairs. Prepare for your future success by joining one of our fully-accredited international relations courses. We will:

High school summer International Relations student discussions

Help you decide whether a career in international relations is the right choice for you. In addition we will introduce you to the wide variety of career options available in this field

International Relations summer school students with staff member

Give you the opportunity to be taught by subject experts so you can see what it’s like to study international relations at university

International Relations summer courses students in class

Give you an insider’s view of international relations through our Hero sessions, where you’ll meet people who have built successful careers in the international relations field

High school summer International Relations Hero

Give you hands-on experiences, where you test your leadership skills by taking on the role of a UN Diplomat

Debate at International Relations summer school

Explore many topics – such as the role of global institutions, the key features of democracies, global financial crises, and many more

International Relations Summer School meeting

Help you choose the international relations degree for you, and show you how to prepare a strong application

International Relations summer courses students studying

Invite you to take part in a simulation UN Security Council

Student networks

Give you the chance to build an international network of fellow students and join our community of Oxford Scholastica Academy alumni

International Relations summer courses students at graduation

Enable you to graduate when you’ve successfully completed your international relations course. You’ll attend a formal Graduation Ceremony held at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School

On our International Relations Summer School, you’ll find a course that’s suitable for you no matter where you are in your high school education.

How does our International Relations Summer School programme offer you an authentic university experience?

  • Learn from a first-class team of tutors in small, dynamic classes inspired by the university style of tuition
  • Study and socialise on the Oxford University campus, and have the opportunity to try traditional Oxford activities, such as punting
  • Be introduced to university-level thinking on a variety of international relations topics, as well as enjoying practical challenges
  • Start your future professional network by making friends with other ambitious students from around the world

Why study International Relations?

Many of our International Relations Summer School students go on to apply for politics, international relations, sociology, philosophy, or Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). But what are the benefits of an international relations degree?

International Relations summer school student speaking

There are many possible career paths

There is scope for a wide range of career opportunities. Many of these even involve international travel. To name a few, these could include the diplomatic corps, the United Nations and international business.

Skills are transferable

You’ll learn a variety of high-demand and transferable skills, including clear writing, presentation, research, teamwork, and analysis. You’ll also learn to think on your feet.

Bridge of Sighs photo
International Relations summer school students at graduation

Enjoy a solutions-driven career

An international relations qualification allows you to address complicated global problems. You’ll learn to think about difficult global challenges and how best to develop solutions

Expose yourself to exchange opportunities

Many students who study international relations end up taking part in parliamentary placements and exchange programmes. Such opportunities help you develop new skills.

Classroom discussions at the high school summer International Relations programme
International Relations summer courses friends

Choose from a wide variety of subjects

The interdisciplinary approach of international relations means you can take a broad range of courses. For example, you could study political science, economics, history, geography, as well as many other options.

Map of students

Meet International Relations Students from Around the World

This past summer, students from 85 different nationalities chose to experience our international relations summer school:

out of 10 students said our international relations summer courses were one of the most memorable summers of their life

out of 10 students said that our high school summer international relations courses gave them greater certainty about their future direction

out of 10 parents said they would recommend our international relations summer courses to other parents

Graduation at the Said Business School

Inspected and Accredited

Our international relations summer courses have been independently accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a short course provider for Independent Further and Higher Education. The BAC have assessed our teaching quality, pastoral care, and overall standards.

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