Tuesday brought with it the Enterprise Hero Ben who shared with the class his experiences of starting several successful businesses. Each of the other classes followed their normal routines before our group headed off on the Volunteering Masterclass. The Volunteering Masterclass was an opportunity to learn about some of the grass roots style initiatives in Oxford (often started by students) and a chance to leave a legacy of the students’ time in the city. Standouts of the Masterclass were Isaac, Natalie and Anna who built a den for the children’s adventure playground. Yann also hinted at his potential in the upcoming Talent Show with a phenomenal piano solo. After a few hours in the sun, the students headed straight to dinner at Las Iguanas for some delicious South American fare. After dinner it was into the Record Games. Su Hwa and Caroline K showed the group how sit ups were meant to be done, whilst Chaitenya showed his prowess at holding the most grapes in his mouth without swallowing them (25 grapes total). Erich gains an honourable mention for his persistence in his duel with the doughnut on the string. With the competitions over and the day trip to Windsor tomorrow, everyone headed to bed to get some rest.

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