It is hard to imagine Oxford without thinking of punting. Whilst there are many easier ways of navigating this city, by cycle or plain old walking shoes, there is something romantic and alluring about using punts.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, a punt is a “long, narrow flat-bottomed boat, square at both ends and propelled with a long pole, used on inland waters chiefly for recreation”. So punting is the activity of using this narrow boat for recreational purposes. Yes recreational, not for practical purposes!

Whilst not as famous as the gondolas of Venice, at least to have a ride in one of these vehicles in Oxford is nowhere near as expensive!

As with any activity exposed to the elements, we recommend that punting is something that is most enjoyed in the summer – possibly with some strawberries & cream to soothe the journey. Brave hardy souls who punt on colder days will find the river to themselves…

If you join us this summer, we’ll be offering all our students the opportunity to go punting!

Photo by (WT-shared) Shoestring (CC BY-SA 1.0)