The Oxford Scholastica Academy Foundation

If you're an Oxford Scholastica Academy student and you want to make a positive difference to society, we want to help! We support our students' social impact projects and charities around the world through the Oxford Scholastica Academy Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation and how to get involved below.

How does it work?


As part of our mission to make the world a better place, we want to support social impact projects that our students and alumni are passionate about. That’s why we set up the Oxford Scholastica Academy Foundation, through which we are able to provide advice, publicity and funding to students’ charities and projects.

While we are able to give larger sums to help fund projects set up by Oxford Scholastica alumni, we are also more than happy to consider causes to which our alumni have no official ties, but which they are dedicated to supporting. In this case we would ask that you are able to show evidence of this e.g. previous fundraising done for a charity, or voluntary work undertaken.

Our funding structure is as follows:

  • ‘Do it’ fund: for alumni to set up a new project, and get it off the ground. Grants from this fund are worth up to £500
  • ‘Grow it’ fund: to grow an established project (founded by Oxford Scholastica alumni), which has already seen results, and to enable it to widen its scope. Grants from this fund are worth up to £1000
  • ‘Support it’ fund: for projects not set up by alumni, but which they are dedicated to supporting. Grants from this fund are worth up to £250

You can apply for funding by filling in the form below, and all successfully shortlisted applications will then be voted on by our alumni and wider community. If your project meets our threshold of likes, we will be able to support you with funding.

(Please be aware that while we will try to consider any reasonable cause, the Oxford Scholastica Academy has the final decision on whether or not causes will be considered for support.)

OSA Foundation


Does your project make a genuine difference to the world?
Will our community be inspired to support it?
Are you passionate about it?

If yes, you are eligible to apply for support!

The Application Process Explained:


1. Applications open on 20th February and close on 6th March 2020. In your application, please tell us: 

  • What problem your project is hoping to solve
  • How your project will make a positive impact
  • What steps your project will take to be successful
  • Your goals and targets for your project
  • A breakdown of how the funding will be used
  • What the long-term plans for your project are.


2. Once applications close, our selection panel will check your project meets the criteria (see above). If it does, your project will join the shortlist and be voted on by our community. We will let you know whether your project has been shortlisted by 12th March

3. Voting begins on 12th March and closes on 3rd April. Anyone can vote – alumni, family members, friends, people involved with the charity, etc. Share the voting link far and wide!

4. Any project that receives more than 250 votes will be eligible to receive funding from us, and we’ll be announcing which projects have met that threshold on the 4th April.



Apply below


The deadline for applications in this round is midnight on Friday, 6th March, 2020. If you have any questions, get in touch.

What have previous applicants done?

Read more about the alumni projects we have supported, and how you can support them too, if you'd like to.

Gemma Postill - Be The Vibe Jewelry

Founded by alumna Gemma Postill (2016, Young Doctors’ Academy), Be The Vibe is a fantastic social enterprise which sells jewelry made by Gemma to raise funds for sustainable water projects in Rwanda.

Discover more, and donate here.

Noa Donvan - UMTTR

Alumna Noa Donvan (2016, Young Doctors’ Academy) is heavily involved in the work of UMTTR, a peer-led organisation aiming to change the face of teen mental health in the US.

Discover more, and donate here.