Our annual trip to Windsor began at 8.45, and our students were waiting bright and early for the coaches to arrive. After a short journey through the English countryside we arrived in the picturesque town ready for a day of sightseeing. Luckily the rain of the day before had disappeared and the sun had returned, so we were able to fully appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

Our first stop was Windsor Castle, where – after excitedly checking to see if the Royal Standard was flying, signifying the presence of the Queen – students could view the stunning State Apartments, and get a taste for how the Royal Family lives at Windsor. The other big attraction of the castle was the impressive St George’s Chapel – a towering gothic building which houses the Royal Vault, where members of the royal family including Henry VIII and his favourite wife, Jane Seymour are buried.

After a break for lunch, we reconvened for a boat tour on the Thames, which took us past many famous sights of Windsor, including many places which were significant in the history of Eton College, one of Britain’s most well-known schools! This was a welcome rest following a busy morning, and a chance for the students to soak up the history of the town whilst relaxing.

The evening made the most of the sun with active activities in University Parks. Some played football, some frisbee, and Jan even taught some students to dance! Noone wanted the night to end, but eventually everyone headed off to bed to prepare for their busy final days on the summer school.