On Wednesday, the students travelled to Windsor for their second day trip of the summer school. After a sleepy coach ride, the students headed to Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. The Castle has been in use since the late 11th century and is still used by the Queen for several months of the year.

Windsor Tour

Some students decided explore the State Apartments and admire the architecture of the Castle, whilst others headed to Queen Mary’s Dollhouse. Some were lucky enough to catch a little Shakespeare in the Royal Library exhibition.

Group Photo WIndsor

Following lunch in the city centre, students headed to Eton College. Eton is arguably the most famous school in the world, and has educated 19 British prime ministers and generations of aristocracy.  George Orwell, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Ian Fleming are among notable Old Etonians.

Students at Eton College

After a private tour of Eton College by OSA’s Director and Eton Alumnus, Jamie, the students headed back to Oxford to enjoy dinner and an evening of games in the accommodation. Everyone was ready for bed after a long day of exploring Windsor with friends.