After a morning of classes, our students had a quick lunch before reconvening for the much-anticipated Challenge Day! This consisted of them putting all of the things they have learned over the first week of classes into action, and getting a taste of what life in their chosen field could actually be like.

Our Young Doctors’ and Discover Medicine students headed up to the John Radcliffe Hospital to get their first taste of meeting patients, and discovering what day to day life in a medical career consists of. They were able to take patient histories, and attempt diagnoses – tasks which everyone got stuck into, and really enjoyed.

Our Engineers were in charge of designing and building bridges. The trick here was that the overall design, cost, and planning of the bridge was just as important as the finished structure, giving them a taste into the kind of research and planning that goes into big building projects. Similarly our Computer Science and Enterprise students teamed up to work on an app, with a fully fleshed out business plan and marketing strategy for their finished product, and our Discover Technology students created and branded their own rockets.

The Young Lawyers’ Academy participated in a mock trial of the International Criminal Court, sparking some fascinating discussions about war crimes and the nature of justice, while our Debate & Public Speaking, and Leadership & International Relations students held a Model UN Security Council.

The students on our two writing courses teamed up to create a script – they wrote an impressive amount of material in the short time available to them, and we look forward to reading the finished product (and hopefully seeing it on our screens soon!) This was a great insight into a form of writing that none of them had really experienced before, and a useful learning experience for everyone!