We know many of our students love to play sport, so we have a wide range of sporting activities on offer.
Punting was fun because we all socialised a lot and it was a traditional Oxford activity.
Paulina Mateo, Russia


Think of Venice and you imagine gondolas, think of Oxford and imagine punts…

Punting poles
Enjoy the quintessential Oxford activity of punting on a summer’s afternoon.
Punting friends
Explore Oxford from a unique point of view in this relaxing pursuit.
I loved playing football. It was great as there were informal kick abouts where everyone who wanted to joined in, and there was also the opportunity to play more seriously in a proper match.
Jacques Bouvery, France


OSA football
Play in our Football Tournament at Oxford’s famous Iffley Road Sports Centre, where Roger Bannister ran the world’s first four minute mile in 1954.
Enjoy an informal kick about with your friends and show off your Ronaldo-like flicks, Bale-like speed and Messi-like dribbles.
Oxford Scholastica Academy is the place where you can learn and have fun at the same time.
Mert Saruc, Turkey


Running club
For those who have itchy feet, we provide an inclusive and friendly running club catering for all abilities ranging from Speedy Gonzales to Slowpoke Rodriguez.
  • Oxford’s stunning and expansive local parks provide our backdrop
  • We’re able to tailor sessions for those wanting speed work
  • We vary routes off the beaten track, to include Oxford’s canals and ancient walkways
The Oxford Olympics was great fun and it brought everyone together.
Aline Sampaio Gouvêa, Brazil


OSA Olympic Games
A kaleidoscope of different nationalities attend OSA, so we thought it would be fun to put on the Oxford Olympics.
OSA Olympic Games
With competitions ranging from FIVE legged races to egg catching to hill rolling, who will win this year’s competition?
Oxford Scholastica Academy is just an amazing summer experience that everyone should have!
Eleni Chatziparaskeva, Greece



Shoot some hoops with your friends from the Oxford Scholastica Academy – there’s a court nearby and we’re always up for a match.


Do you serve like Federer, defend like Murray and move like Nadal? There are some handily accessible tennis courts a few minutes away from our campus.

Challenge Us!

Love another sport? We’ll do our best to enable you to play! Whether it’s swimming, table tennis, badminton or anything else we know Oxford incredibly well so will aim to help you to play.

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