Engineering summer school

Engineering Summer School

Your successful future in engineering starts here. Join our Engineering Summer School held on the Oxford University campus and discover, experience and prepare for life in engineering.

Oxford Engineering Summer School

Are you interested in learning about how things work? Imagine spending two weeks of your summer studying among the dreaming spires of Oxford University at our engineering summer school. Covering a number of specialist areas, engineering is a challenging subject that you’ll gain a fascinating insight into during your time in Oxford.

Our engineering summer school courses for high school students introduce you to a variety of engineering subjects, both through discussion and using practical challenges, such as learning how to build a bridge or working together to solve other real-life engineering problems. You’ll also meet a real engineer, who’ll answer all your questions about what it’s like studying engineering at university and working as an engineer.

Joining a small class of ambitious students from all over the world, you’ll spend your time in Oxford getting to grips with the different branches of engineering, including civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. By the time you’ve completed your course, you’ll have a good idea of whether engineering is the right subject for you to pursue at university, and which branch of it interests you most.

Browse our Engineering Summer Courses

Students in Engineering summer courses class

Discover Technology (12-14 year olds)

If you’re generally interested in how things work and that curiosity also extends to computers, our Discover Technology Academy is the course for you. Combining engineering studies with computer science, this course puts your scientific knowledge to the test through classroom studies and fun challenges, such as designing and launching a rocket. You’ll find out what options you have for studying engineering and computing at university and beyond.
Engineering summer school students in the Oxford Union

Experience Engineering (15-18 year olds)

Our Experience Engineering Academy is a fascinating introduction to the world of engineering and its many branches. You’ll gain an insight into civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, taking on the challenge of building your own engine. This course is ideal if you’re still deciding whether or not engineering is the course you want to apply for at university.
High school summer Engineering students in class

Engineering Preparation (15-18 year olds)

Certain you want to study Engineering at university? Our Engineering Preparation Academy is for you if you’re planning to apply to study engineering at university. We’ll help you choose the right course for you, as well as giving you invaluable insights into the application process to help you submit a successful application. You’ll also take part in a university-level project designed to stretch your problem-solving skills and other qualities universities will be looking for in prospective students.

The Best Courses, The Best People, Your Future Success:

Get the Oxford Experience

Engineering in class

The Best Engineering Courses

High school summer engineering courses designed to stimulate, stretch and challenge you – whatever your subject knowledge

Engineering summer courses tutor

The Best People

Taught by tutors from world-class institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Students at graduation ceremony

Your future SUCCESS

An Engineering summer school designed to help you discover, experience and prepare for a successful future

Students walking towards the Radcliffe Camera

Get the Oxford Experience

Delivered on the prestigious Oxford University campus

Engineering Summer School Testimonials

The Engineering summer school helped me know more about engineering and jobs, and showed me how to apply to universities. So if you’d like to meet people from all around the world, visit Oxford, get to know more about what you’d love to do in the future, and have a lifetime experience, I recommend this summer school.

Maria Khaled

Lebanon, Experience Engineering

My son took part in the Engineering summer course last summer. Not only did he thoroughly enjoy his Oxford Scholastica experience, he was able to determine the engineering field he wishes to specialise in, Mechanical Engineering. The course offered a perfect balance between a theoretical and practical approach to Engineering. I strongly recommend Oxford Scholastica for its top quality teachings, its professional and caring team, not to mention the social network it opens you up to. Becoming part of the Oxford Scholastica family has helped my 16 year old son mature, gain in confidence, and focus positively on his future. Thank you Oxford Scholastica!
Annelise Rival

Australia, Parents of Nicolas

I have taught with Oxford Scholastica for a number of years and am consistently impressed by the excellent experience students are offered. As both a former teacher and university admissions advisor at a leading UK school, I can say with confidence that OSA students are offered an invaluable opportunity to explore what really interests them, and prepare for their path to university. It really does give students an advantage.

Jo Cruse

Tutor, and former teacher at leading UK school

Why choose our Engineering Summer School

Whether you’re early on in your high school education and trying to narrow down your options or you’re preparing to apply to study engineering at university, our Oxford engineering summer school will help you make the right choice for your education. Each of our engineering summer courses offers you:

  • Expert tuition from predominantly Oxbridge-educated tutors
  • An exciting programme of study that mixes classroom-based learning with fun practical challenges, such as building an engine or designing and launching a rocket; you’ll also meet a real engineer
  • An introduction to the various branches of engineering and what it’s like to study them at university, as well as potential careers open to you as an engineering graduate. We have a proven track record of preparing thousands of high school students for future success
  • The chance to develop the transferable skills that universities and employers look for, whether you pursue engineering or a different subject – such as good teamwork, critical thinking and public speaking.

What can you expect from our Engineering Summer School?

Our engineering summer courses for high school students offer the insights you need to make the right choice for your future success, wherever you are in your high school education. You can expect:

High school summer Engineering student discussions
A fascinating introduction to the world of engineering, both at university and as a career, through our fully accredited engineering course
Engineering summer school students with staff member
A mix of classroom-based discussions and fun practical challenges to help you understand the work of an engineer and the challenges you’ll face in an engineering career
Engineering summer courses students in class

To experience life as an engineering student, with expert teaching from our predominantly Oxbridge-educated staff

High school summer Engineering Hero

To gain an understanding of the wide variety of career options available to you if you choose to study engineering at university

Discussions at Engineering summer school

To meet a real engineer, who’ll answer all your questions about what it’s like working in engineering and studying a branch of engineering at university

Engineering Summer School meeting
Practical challenges that test your knowledge and skills while demonstrating the real-life applications of engineering, such as constructing a bridge and building a hydraulics system and engine
Engineering summer courses students studying

To find out more about what your options are for studying engineering at university

Student networks

To meet like-minded students from around the world, who’ll form the start of your future professional network, and you’ll join our community of Oxford Scholastica Academy alumni

Engineering summer courses students at graduation

To graduate, on successful completion of your engineering summer course, in a formal Graduation Ceremony held at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School

You’ll study on the world-famous Oxford University campus, spending two weeks immersing yourself in the world of engineering. Whether you’re completely new to engineering or you already know it’s what you want to study, our engineering summer school has a course that’s right for you.

How does our Engineering Summer School programme offer you an authentic university experience?

  • You’ll study in small classes, led by expert tutors
  • You’ll be introduced to a variety of complex engineering concepts like those you’d tackle at university
  • You’ll experience the life of an Oxford student by studying and socialising on the Oxford University campus, with fun activities such as punting planned for your free time
  • You’ll study alongside other ambitious students from around the world, forming the start of your future international professional network

Why study Engineering?

Students who’ve completed our Engineering Summer School often go on to study engineering at university and become engineers. So why should you study engineering? There are lots of benefits to having an engineering degree under your belt:

Engineering summer school students

Engineering is everywhere

Everything you use on a day-to-day basis has an engineer behind it, from your laptop to the roads you go to school on. Studying to become an engineer means you’ll be able to have a positive effect on people’s lives through your work.

Lots of scope to specialise

There are lots of branches of engineering, which gives you plenty of scope to specialise in the area you find most interesting – whether that’s planning infrastructure projects as a civil engineer or specialising in a particular industry, such as aviation or construction.

Bridge of Sighs photo
Engineering summer school students at graduation

You’ll be challenged

Engineering is all about problem-solving, and you’ll need strong maths and physics skills to succeed in this field. As an engineer, you’ll face new challenges all the time, and it’s your job to come up with solutions.

You can make a difference

Engineers impact on the world around them. They create, they make new things, they make the impossible possible and the possible better. You can make a real impact on the world by going into engineering.

Classroom discussions at the high school summer Engineering programme
Engineering summer courses friends

You’ll earn good money

You’ll earn good money – with a bit of experience, engineers earn an average of 50,000-80,000 GBP, according to the National Careers Service, with the potential to earn much more in a specialised or consultancy role.

Map of students

Meet Engineering Students from Around the World

This past summer, students from 85 different nationalities chose to experience our engineering summer school:

out of 10 students said our engineering summer courses were one of the most memorable summers of their life

out of 10 students said that our high school summer engineering courses gave them greater certainty about their future direction

out of 10 parents said they would recommend our engineering summer courses to other parents

Graduation at the Said Business School

Inspected and Accredited

Our engineering summer courses have been independently accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a short course provider for Independent Further and Higher Education. The BAC have assessed our teaching quality, pastoral care, and overall standards.

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