Experience Business & Enterprise Academy

Are you thinking you might want to work in business or set up your own venture? The Experience Business & Enterprise Academy helps you find out what business life is all about, from exploring economics to entrepreneurship, from management to branding and much more! You’ll even get the chance to create, brand and present your own mobile phone app, so you can get a real experience of business life in action.

Business Summer School Programme

Welcome to the Experience Business & Enterprise Academy! On this two-week course you’ll get hands-on experience in what’s involved in running a business of any size – from economics to entrepreneurship, and from management to marketing.

You’ll even put what you learn to the test in our App-rentice challenge, where you’ll collaborate with our Experience Computer Science & Coding Academy students and work against the clock to design, create and brand a mobile phone app!

This course is perfect for you if you’re considering:


  • Studying economics, business, marketing or management at university
  • A career in business, finance, consulting, accounting or management
  • Setting up your own commercial venture or social enterprise in the future

Our Learning Philosophy

We want to help you discover and explore the world of business, and we don’t think you can do that just by reading out of a textbook! As a student on our Experience Business & Enterprise Academy you will:


How did a teenager set up Facebook from his bedroom?

Discover what makes entrepreneurs succeed (and fail), with examples from small start-ups to big corporations



What’s life in business REALLY like?

Meet our Hero — a young entrepreneur – who you can ask questions to, and see what life in business is really like


Can you work under pressure?

Our App-rentice challenge will see you work in teams (and against the clock) to design, create and brand a mobile app!


Oxford Scholastica was one of the best experiences of my life. During these two weeks I was able to meet absolutely amazing people from all over the world. The Experience Business & Enterprise Academy, was informative and entertaining. Class sizes were small enough to get plenty of feedback from our tutor, but large enough to be able to have engaging, interesting discussions on the topic of economics and the business world. The academy had a perfect balance of social activities and academics and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for the most memorable summer of his/her life.
Rachel Scharff-Hansen, Switzerland



Entry Requirements


Aged 15-18

Keen to learn

Speak and understand English well

Experience Business & Enterprise Academy Class Outline

As part of the Experience Business & Enterprise Academy, you’ll take part in a series of nine classes. Eight classes are structured around the course topics below. Your final class is called “Class X”, and will be based on your tutor’s personal expertise, focusing on cutting-edge research in their field that they are really passionate about.


1. Types of Business

What’s the best type of business to set up? We’ll explore different types and sizes of businesses and think about how you could use this understanding to give advice to entrepreneurs in real-life scenarios

2. Business Growth

Why do some businesses fail when they try to grow? We’ll explore the pieces of the puzzle that support business growth, looking at examples of businesses that have grown and succeeded, and others that have grown and failed

3. Microeconomics

What is microeconomics? Learn about microeconomics – the study of economics at an individual and company-wide level – and the impact decisions of individuals and companies can have using real-world examples

4. Macroeconomics

What is macroeconomics? You’ll get to grips with the concept of macroeconomics – the study of economics at a national level – and discover how governments use monetary and fiscal policy to influence their nation

5. Environmental Factors Affecting Business

How can businesses plan for environmental factors? You’ll learn to identify environmental factors that affect different businesses and look at examples of how businesses anticipate these factors and put plans in place to address them

6. Game Theory

What is game theory? In this class, we’ll outline game theory and brainstorm how this theory of conflict and cooperation is relevant in real-life examples

7. Management Theory

What’s your style of leadership? Explore different management theories and learn how good management enhances successful business. You’ll be able to take the Belbin Test to discover your own style of leadership

8. Principles of Branding

How do you create a brand? We’ll explore key elements of what branding is and why it’s important, and look at how real businesses such as Coca-Cola and Facebook have built their brands

Are you ready for the App-rentice Challenge?

Are you up for the challenge of designing and branding a mobile app?

In the App-rentice challenge, you’ll collaborate with students from the Experience Computer & Coding Science Academy and get into the mind of your consumers to design, create and brand a theoretical mobile app that they’ll love (don’t worry, no technical experience is necessary!).

Put what you’ve learned from your classes into practice as you:


  • Pitch your app idea and business plan to a Dragons’ Den style panel
  • Feel the excitement of working under a time deadline
  • Understand the dynamics of working in a team with different talents

Full Accreditation

We have been independently accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as a short course provider for Independent Further and Higher Education. The BAC have assessed our teaching quality, pastoral care, and overall standards.

Meet your Tutor and Hero

Joanna Cruse B.Com

Jo studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at the University of Cape Town. She was awarded an academic scholarship and was selected as a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Jo has taught A-level Economics and Politics at one of the UK’s top schools. She also acts as a communications consultant to a range of social enterprises and start-ups.

Please note, our Tutors and Heroes are subject to change.

Ben Wilkins MA

You’ll have the opportunity to meet our Hero, Ben, a local Oxford entrepreneur.

Ben studied Osteopathy at Oxford Brookes University. He is the founder of Sustainabus, which converts decommissioned city buses into solar-powered hotels.

Ben was Santander Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2014.


In addition to your classes, you’ll get to mingle with the students from other courses in our Masterclasses.

These Masterclasses are designed to be an interactive and fun way to broaden your knowledge and provide you with new skills.

Get ready to sharpen your wits and defend your point of view against bright opponents! Our Debating Masterclass is a fun, fast-paced, and memorable session where you learn to master the fine art of persuading your audience to believe your case. Led by expert debaters, this Masterclass will be followed by a Debating Competition in the famous surroundings of the Oxford Union - here, you'll be following in the footsteps of Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa and Michael Jackson!


  • Develop your ability to think quickly on your feet to combat the opposition's points
  • Work collaboratively in teams to create and articulate solutions to big problems
  • Improve your self-confidence, speaking, and listening skills in this interactive session
changemakersWant to change the world?

Even small actions can have a big impact! In this Masterclass you will explore examples of people who are creating positive change around the world through their social enterprises. We'll then work on developing the tools you need to create an action plan to bring about change that you're passionate about.

  • Learn some of the ways the world has been changed historically by ambitious individuals and groups
  • Work with classmates to create an executable plan to create real impact in response to real issues
  • Develop real-world skills and keep in contact with friends by continuing your cohort’s mission after the summer school ends - see our OSA Foundation page for examples of past students who have secured funding to pursue their mission

You'll one day be faced with a job application process, and we think it's important for you to understand how these processes work. In this masterclass, we'll explore:

  • The kinds of things employers are looking for
  • How to demonstrate and fulfil your potential in an application form or CV
  • The key stages of putting together a successful job application
What do J.K. Rowling, Richard Branson, and Charles Darwin all have in common? We see them as highly successful people, yet they all had a hard time achieving this success. In this masterclass, you will learn how to grow from failures and setbacks and use them as a driving force to become smarter, stronger, and better.


  • Debunk the myths of overnight success and luck
  • Reflect on why we are all so scared of failing
  • Learn how to use setbacks to create future success

Greatness means different things to all of us. This motivating masterclass will get you thinking about how you define greatness, and equip you with the tools you need to create your own personal development plan to help you achieve your own version of great!

  • Explore your values and identify your purpose
  • Identify your strengths and innate talents, and gain awareness of your weaknesses
  • Develop a personal development plan so you can track your progress towards your goal

What does it mean to be truly happy? This thought-provoking masterclass, led by Doctor of Philosophy candidate Michael Plant, will take you on a mission to discover happiness: why it matters, how it works, and the different places people seek it in life


  • Identify what happiness means to you
  • Explore the impact technology and social media has on our day-to-day happiness
  • Learn practical things you can do to focus more on the things that make you happy, and less on things that don't

Volunteering MasterclassHelp make the world a better place for local children on an afternoon helping a local charity build a children's garden! This is a really fun masterclass where you get outside and hands-on helping the Oxford community. You'll learn about sustainability and how you can make a difference locally, in a practical way

  • Gain experience of volunteering
  • Develop a personal connection to the Oxford community
  • Leave a legacy of your time in Oxford

Many thanks to our friends at the great charity Student Hubs for facilitating the session for us.

Make friends from around the world

We welcome students of all nationalities, so you'll make friends with students who have come to us from countries and cultures all over the world. We also make sure you can all stay connected as part of our OSA Alumni community after the Summer too! In past years, these countries have included:

On completion of the course, you’ll be awarded your Oxford Scholastica Academy Graduation Certificate at our Graduation Ceremony.

This is held on the final afternoon of the summer course, at the impressive Saïd Business School which we hire for the evening.

Parents are very welcome to attend, and the ceremony is followed by dinner.

Where you’ll study

Blavatnik School of Government

As part of the Business Summer School, your classes will be held in the Blavatnik School of Government, an award-winning building which is part of the University of Oxford. Finished in 2015, the building is a modern addition to the University and is located right by the Oxford University Press building.

“Inside, the building is quite simply breathtaking. It is one of those rare moments in architecture when the spirit soars. This is a modern cathedral of learning that at the same time stimulates, soothes and excites. … It is a truly inspirational piece of design and one so fitting for its purpose.” – RIBA Judges (Royal Institute of British Architects)

Please note, while we use their facilities, we have no formal connection with The University of Oxford.

Preparing for the course!


To help you prepare for joining us in the summer, both Photis and Lavinia from our Community Team will be in touch to answer any questions and send you some helpful material you might want to look at before you come along. Like all of our core team, they'll both be on-site over the summer getting involved and available to support you at any time.

You'll also have the chance to book a welcome call with Lavinia after your place with us is confirmed, so that you can ask her any questions you have about coming to Oxford this summer. She'll also want to find out a bit more about you so that we can tailor your experience for you!





Take a look at our example timetable below. You can hover your mouse over parts of the timetable to get more information.

First week

Sunday ArrivalOur team will be ready to help you settle in at the accommodation. If you are coming from abroad we can happily help to arrange a transfer from the airportDinnerIcebreaker eveningAn evening of fun introductory games designed to get you to know your new friends and our staff team
MondayBreakfastWelcome and Introductory ClassYou'll be introduced to Oxford Scholastica, and get your first chance to meet your Tutors who will talk you through the course outline and answer any of your questionsLunchYou'll have the opportunity to visit one of Oxford's many tasty, healthy cafes/restaurants for your lunch each dayOxford TourWe'll be taking you around the most famous landmarks in Oxford, from the colleges which inspired Harry Potter to the historic city buildingsScavenger HuntPut your new found knowledge to the test in our Scavenger Hunt competition, and discover Oxford's secretsDinnerIce CreamRelax after your first day with a sociable dinner, and some of Oxford's famous George & Danver's (G&D's) ice cream!
TuesdayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyOur small-group courses are conducted by our hand-picked tutors. Each day you'll have a two hour class and be given some reading or work by your tutor to complete in your two hours of independent study. Just like a university student, you'll be trusted to work independently or in groups in your rooms.LunchPuntingA punt is a flat-bottomed, square-ended boat which is powered by submerging a long pole onto the bank of the river and pushing the boat along - or as some people put it, pushing a boat with a stick! It is most commonly seen in Oxford and Cambridge, and is a favourite summer activity of students at Oxford. We'll teach you how to punt along the beautiful banks of North Oxford, and this is one of our students' favourite events each yearPicnicAfter our punting afternoon we'll spend the evening having a picnic and playing games on Wolfson College’s beautiful harbour lawnHappiness MasterclassLearn from an expert exactly what it means to be 'happy' and how we can apply these ideas in our own lives
WednesdayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyBlenheim Palace TripWe're off to visit Blenheim Palace today - the only non-royal place in England to hold the title Palace and birthplace of Winston Churchill
ThursdayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyLunchDebating MasterclassIn the famous surroundings of the Oxford Union, sharpen your debating skills and put them to the test against your peersDinner
FridayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyLunchThe Oxford Scholastica Challenge Afternoon!This is the moment you've been waiting for, as you'll get the chance to apply the knowledge you've learnt so far. From designing and marketing an App (Enterprise and Computer Science) to a Mock Clinic (Young Doctors) to a Model United Nations (Leadership and Debate) to designing a Magazine (Creative Writing) to a mock trial (Law), your teamwork skills will be tested to the max in our afternoon of fun ChallengesDinnerFilm NightAfter a hard day of putting your learning into practice, chill out in your accommodation with your friends and watch a film. Popcorn provided!
SaturdayBreakfastHero MeetingOn either Saturday or Sunday you'll get the opportunity to meet your course Hero, a young professional who has studied your subject and has gone on to some impressive things in their early career. You'll be inspired to discover a possible career you might like to go into, and what a day-in-the-life in this line of work entails. You'll also do a hands-on task related to the typical work you might do in this career, as well as the opportunity to ask your Hero lots of questions.LunchOxford Museums, Football Tournament or Free TimeYou can join us in exploring Oxford's famous museums including the Ashmolean Museum (the world's first university museum) and the Natural History Museum, take part in our football tournament at the famous Iffley Road Sports Centre (where the first sub four minute mile was run by Roger Bannister in 1954), or alternatively you can take the opportunity to have some free time and relax. DinnerQuiz NightTest your knowledge in our Oxford Scholastica Quiz Night! Laughter and nibbles guaranteed.

Second week

SundayBreakfastHero MeetingCollege BrunchYou'll eat a delicious brunch in the beautiful dining hall of Corpus Christi CollegeVolunteering MasterclassYou can take part in our Volunteering Masterclass and get some hands on experience in being a volunteerDinnerOSA International BallJoin us for the much anticipated Oxford Scholastica Ball. Put on your finest clothes, represent your country in national dress, and experience a magical evening cruising down the river with your friends
MondayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyLunchSmart Steps to Success and Dealing with Failure MasterclassesLearn the secrets of successful people, as we explore the tips and tricks to become successful, and discover how experiences of failure have driven successful people to stellar achievements.DinnerOutdoor ShakespeareTonight we'll be watching a Shakespeare play in the beautiful surroundings of the Oxford Castle.
TuesdayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyLunchApplications MasterclassMany of you will be thinking about your future life after school. In this interactive afternoon, we'll guide you through the job applications process, or the process for applying to UK universities for further studyDinnerActive ActivitiesJoin our Activities Coordinators as they lead active activities outside, to make the most of the summer. Choices have previously ranged from yoga to rugby, dancing to football, frisbee to zumba, and many more!
WednesdayBreakfastWindsor Castle TripWe're off to visit Windsor Castle today - the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the Official Residence of Her Majesty The Queen.
ThursdayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyLunchSocial Impact ConferenceDo you want to make the world a better place? Our Social Impact Conference will inspire you to change the world and will introduce you to the best ways to go about putting your ideas into reality and inspire you with stories of our alumni who have done just that!DinnerOxford's Got TalentTonight you'll get to show off your skills in our talent show, and be amazed at the amazing skills of your friends.
FridayBreakfastClasses and Independent StudyLunchPacking and Free TimeGraduationWe'll be celebrating your achievements at our Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony and dinner at the famous Saïd Business School, where you'll also receive our Yearbook which you can get your friends to sign. Parents and friends are very welcome to attend!BBQ and CeilidhDress up and see out our final evening in style with a ceilidh. A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish Dance, and local band Swinging Molly will be present to play the summer school out

Please note this timetable may be subject to change.


Click here to take a look at our example timetable and learn more about how your classes, cultural experiences, trips and activities are scheduled.

Business Summer School for High School Students – Dates and Prices

2 weeks5th to 18th July 2020£4,795Book
2 weeks19th July to 1st August 2020£4,795Book
2 weeks2nd to 15th August 2020£4,795Book
4 weeks5th July to 1st August 2020£9,290Book
4 weeks19th July to 15th August 2020£9,290Book

Recommended by Students & Parents

"OSA was definitely my favourite summer thus far. Made tonnes of friends, everyday was action packed full of fun activities including football, punting, outings to Cambridge, touring the historic sights of Oxford and so on. Not only that, but the accommodation was also well above standard. Staff were caring and super friendly, and the majority of them basically became our friends by the course end. The atmosphere of Oxford was superb. Furthermore, the range of courses and course content was informative and interesting (I did the Experience Business & Enterprise Academy), as were our teachers. Two weeks was undoubtedly not enough."

Karan Australia

"Armand, my son (16), joined the Oxford Scholastica Summer Program where he chose Entrepreneurship. I am very pleased with the program. Not only did Armand get new knowledge on "business" but also his independence has improved, meeting new friends from around the world. I was fortunate that I had the chance to accompany Armand on his first day and visit his accommodation and attended the welcome drinks at the beautiful roof top Malmaison Castle Hotel. The accommodation is very good with its facilities. Not only it is clean and secure, but also right in the centre of Oxford where he could explore Oxford in the proximity. It was very easy to get food and very close to his class. Another important note is Scholastica's team. Not only did they ensure a comfortable stay for Armand, they are all very responsive and easy to communicate with. Jamie is very hands-on and fully involved. They helped me to "see" Armand's activities through pictures on Instagram and Facebook. All in all, I am recommending Oxford Scholastica to all parents who wish to send their children for a Summer Program."

Dinna Muskita Indonesia

"It wasn't just the fact that i got to know more about the business world that made my time there the best of all. But meeting the unbiological brothers i never had was also something i will never forget. I'd like to mention all the efforts made by all the Oxford Scholastica Team. One of the best summers of my life."

Anthony El Chaer Lebanon

Not just for Summer...

We're often told that the two or four weeks spent with us at OSA are the best summer breaks our students have ever had, but we are passionate about continuing to support our alumni after those two weeks are over, and well into their futures.

That's why we've set up the OSA Foundation, OSA Inspires, and OSA Mentors — to help you stay connected to our network of incredible young people from around the world and get the support to need to make your future ambitions a reality.

Did you know that OSA alumni go on to change the world, in a whole variety of ways?

As part of our on-going commitment to helping our students be incredible citizens of the world, we set up the OSA Foundation to help them, by offering them a chance for continued advice, publicity, and funding for the ventures they go on to pursue.

By joining us this summer you'll be eligible for this funding and support for any future social impact project you set up or are involved with!

OSA Mentors is an ongoing programme of weekly coaching for any of our alumni who wish to be further supported by OSA after their course. Students are matched with one of our team and will have Skype mentoring sessions on a regular basis.

OSA Mentors is designed to give students greater:


  • Confidence about their skills, knowledge, and potential
  • Awareness of the possibilities and opportunities they could go on to achieve, broadening their horizons
  • Clarity about exactly which university, course, and career path to choose
  • Ambition to stretch and challenge themselves, setting goals which take them out of their comfort zone
  • Motivation to succeed

OSA Inspires is an online resource hub which aims to give students greater clarity over their potential future choices.


  • Discover how your interests and skills could lead you to amazing jobs you never knew existed
  • Think about how we can prepare for a quickly changing job market in the future
  • Explore what real life studying a subject is like with personal accounts from students across the world
  • Hear from professionals in a huge variety of industries to find out if their job sounds like a good fit for you
  • Get the tools and information you need to apply to follow your dreams

Ready to kickstart your future?