What will you be when you grow up? It’s that age-old question, isn’t it? When we’re children, we have big dreams. We might want to be an astronaut, a prime minister or president, an actress or actor, or a professional sports star. Our dream might be about becoming an incredible parent.

When we start growing up, we start to think about what we want to do in relation to our skill set, and maybe certain subjects that we’re good at in school. Depending on where we’ve grown up, and our family, we might have expectations about what we go on to study and the careers we undertake.

As we start secondary school, we learn in more detail about the different career paths that are open to us, and a bit about what we need to enjoy, or things we need to be good at, in order to pursue that goal.

We live in an incredible time where we have more options open to us than ever before. The internet and other evolving technology is opening more doors, making it easy to access information, and the rest of the world.

Each summer, here at Oxford Scholastica Academy, we have the pleasure of working alongside around 300 incredible teenagers from all over the world at our Oxford-based Summer School.

All of these students have different dreams, and we’re privileged to be able to help them on their path to realising them.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing our research into different career paths, and how adults’ eventual choices differ (or not!) from their childhood dreams. We’ll also be looking at this information in the context of students today, and get some insights into the students that join our Summer School Academies, and what their dreams are! Check out the Oxford Scholastica Academy blog every Monday to see what we discovered…