Throughout our careers research we’ve been looking at people’s long term career goals. Last week we looked at the students who attend our various academies and what they want to do.

What excites us is seeing the diversity of goals that our students have. To show that diversity, we thought we’d create a wordcloud of the career goals of all the girls on our courses:

Medicine is one of the most popular career goals for girls on our academies, so we asked the British Medical Association for advice for students wanting to study medicine:

“When asked in your interview why you want to study medicine, be honest. You will stand out much more for being genuine, even if it sounds clichéd, than if you try to come up with a fancy reason in an attempt to stand out.” – British Medical Association

We also looked at the popular career ambitions for the boys on our courses:

The word entrepeneur comes up a lot when our students are asked what they want to be! Our business and leadership academies are popular with both boys and girls from all around the world, so we asked Lucy Baxter, entrepreneur and founder of the Culture Label for the advice she wished she had when she was younger:

“There is often no direct road to success it’s usually a bumpy road of constant self discovery and hard work. If you arm yourself with blinkered optimism, focus and ambition not only will the journey be much more enjoyable, you’ll also get there faster!” – Lucy Baxter, Culture Label