If you’ve been following the results of our careers research over the past weeks, you’ll know that we uncovered some interesting trends. (You can read our earlier posts beginning here!) However, all of these discoveries focused on adults who have had a career for a long time.

We thought it would be interesting to ask some of the students that came along to our Oxford Summer School academies in 2016 what they wanted to go on to be when they grew up, and also look at what academy they had joined us for.

You can explore the map below for some insights into our students, the academies they chose, and what some of our students want to be when they grow up.

The students that come to us all have big dreams, and we think it’s our job to help fulfil those dreams!


Do certain types of student choose certain Academies?

When we surveyed adults about their childhood career dreams, 93% of those that wanted to be an engineer when they were younger were men! Whilst we do have some girls that come along to our engineering academy, it still is the one academy that is very male dominated. That’s okay, as long as young girls know that this is a career goal that is absolutely open to them if they want to explore it!

We asked Ashleigh Clowes from Nicoll Curtin to talk about how she thinks we can get more girls into engineering:

“GCSE choices affect A-Level choices, A-Level choices affect Higher Education choices, Higher Education choices affect career options. It is about starting young; it comes down to ensuring girls are growing up thinking of a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as a viable and appealing option.

It is vital that both young women and parents understand which qualifications and subjects are required for a career in technology. For example, few young people will understand or realise that taking science at school can lead to a career in robotics or computer gaming.”
– Ashleigh Clowes, HR Advisor (Diversity & Inclusion) at Nicoll Curtin