We’ve recently been doing some research into which careers adults wanted to pursue when they were children, and how that compares to what they actually do now. You can find an introduction to this research here. Last week we discovered how age makes a difference. This week, we’ll be sharing our discoveries about how where you live affects your career.

When we broke up our data by region we noticed that respondents from the North of England, and from Scotland, were most likely to pursue a different career path than what they thought they wanted to do when they were at school. 63% of respondents from the North of England and Scotland pursued a different career path to what they thought they wanted to do. However, these respondents were the least likely to say that they did not know what they wanted to do, with only 10% being unsure of their career path.

It’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with changing direction. As you grow up, it’s normal to discover new paths, or different skills you have that might lead you down a new route. That’s the beauty of life – it’s one big choose your own adventure story!