We thought it would be interesting to survey a sample of adults in the UK, and ask them what they wanted to be when they were teenagers starting secondary school. When we compared this to what they’re doing now, some interesting trends emerged. We’ll be publishing these over the next few weeks, so check back every Monday to find out what we learned! You can find the introduction to this blog series here.

First we looked at how age affected whether or not our respondents went on to follow the career path they had chosen as teenagers.

What did we learn?

Adults who are now over 55 years old were more likely to pursue their exact career plan, and less than half went on to do something completely different.

Thinking back to when our parents or even grandparents were growing up, they had a lot fewer career options open to them compared to today! Particularly in the fast-moving technology sector, more and more jobs which previous generations might never have even imagined are opening up to students, and new career paths are being created every day. Maybe that’s why more of the older adults surveyed went on to follow their exact career goal, compared to younger adults, who had a lot more windows open to them as they grew up.