Today our students had another opportunity to experience a beautiful British summer to the full as the hot weather continued in Oxford. The best way for them to do this was to get to grips with a true Oxford tradition, punting down the river with their new friends! This activity was led by our experienced Activity Coordinators who were on hand to show the students the best way in which to manage their boats.

Everyone headed down to the Cherwell boat house and it was soon time for the maiden voyage for almost all of our new punters! Our students displayed their true talents immediately, showing their prowess on the water from the get go. Everyone made it back to shore with hilarious stories of near misses and exceptional performances.

After everyone had docked back dry and safe it was time for the next event of the day, a true British picnic in the glorious setting of University parks! Everyone indulged in the wide selection of fresh sandwiches and cakes on offer as they excitedly sat and shared stories from their punting experiences. By the end of the afternoon many students had taken the opportunity to socialize with their new friends, bonding over food and laughter as we all relaxed in the parks!