Today, Oxford Scholastica visited the home of the Queen, Windsor Castle.


Students were given an exclusive tour of Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, which Saaniya and Anushri particularly enjoyed because of the intricate architecture. Next we moved on to the state apartments, the reception for a number of official state occasions where Kent was assured by tour guides that the gold leaf on display was in fact real.

Oxford Scholastica's Boy Band

Our next stop was St George’s Chapel. Zara and Alicia were told the structure took over 53 years to build!


Next we got our first glimpse of the Queen’s Guard. Alex and Amanda enjoyed posing for pictures with and greeting the silent and motionless officers, as did Alicia, Mehak and Saaniya.

Alex at Eton

After leaving Windsor Castle, we were treated to a tour of Eton College by our resident expert Kit. Students were excited to sit in the oldest working classroom in the world, in a school that has existed since 1440. We were also lucky to catch the College Chapel Choir whilst rehearsing.

River cruise

Students were given the opportunity to see what the town of Windsor looks like from the water as we took a boat trip past the castle, although some students managed to get confused as to what direction we were going in!

To end the day’s proceedings there was a trip to the park to play a large game of football (or as the Americans call it, soccer!). Maya and Joana joined separate teams as there was a heated contest in which Dobbie made some phenomenal saves, but Jacques and Julian combined to win the game.