The morning passed with all the excitement that came with our student’s first taste of work at Oxford Scholastica. As the independent study session was successfully finished with students taking the opportunity to complete their work in their rooms privately, they then rushed off together to their respective classes optimistic for what they could learn.

By mid-day our first full lunch break was in full swing with students taking the opportunity to explore a wide selection of the many areas that Oxford has to offer. This time was also utilized for students to further cement their surroundings and even revisit some of the locations they had been introduced to on their tour the previous day.

Once students had returned from their lunch it was time for our first master classes of the term. ‘Facing Failure’ taught students about the ways in which failures that they encounter can be transformed into a positive experience. Learning to overcome these setbacks and continue to progress on to amazing achievements. ‘Steps to Success’ allowed students to discuss different ideas and plans to obtain success, making plans and analyzing the best way these can goals can be fulfilled. Both masterclasses provided plenty of food for thought for the students to take away with them.

After dinner at a local Oxford restaurant the students excitedly headed towards our spectacular venue for the night, Oxford Castle. Here coincidentally they took in an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which had been previously explained to our students by the Activity Coordinators. It could not have been a more perfect evening as the play took place under a beautiful warm sunset as the heat of the day ran through to the evening.

The play rounded off an amazing day leaving all the students extremely cheerful for the walk home.