Our first full day of classes gave a fabulous introduction to the courses our students will be following for the next two weeks. Everyone broke for lunch excited for the days ahead, and ready to keep delving deeper into their subjects.

In the afternoon, students were treated to a masterclass focused on drawing positive experiences from failures, helping them to understand that failure is a part of life and does not have to be a negative problem. Instead our students were taught to utilise the failures to benefit them in the future, an essential talent.

After the conclusion of the masterclass our students ventured into Oxford to seek out their evening meal. After settling on their restaurant of choice an enjoyable meal was had with their new friends, helping to strengthen their early bond over a tasty meal.

It was then time for the evening entertainment as our students made their way over to Oxford Castle, the historic venue for the evening that traces its origins back to the 11th century! Our students were not defending the castle from invaders of Oxford however – they were instead partaking in a truly British pastime, enjoying an evening of Shakespeare as they watched the classic play Romeo and Juliet. Two of our tutors, Eleonora and Ivo were taking main roles in the performance, which was a particular treat for their students!