After leaving Oxford with plenty of time to reach the castle our day was almost scuppered from the beginning as a major traffic accident on the motorway almost prevented us from getting to Windsor. Despite the disturbance however, we managed to get there with a small amount of time to spare before the castle closed for a big Royal event!

The students headed off to independently explore all the marvels of the Castle, with some choosing to see the spectacular St George’s chapel, other the spectacular Stately Apartments where the Royal family of the United Kingdom have resided for nearly a millennium. A handful of students even waited patiently to view Queen Mary’s Dollhouse, a perfectly produced miniature house which was constructed by the top craftsman of the time, with many of its intricate parts still working!

After the beauty of the castle, everyone headed into town to explore Windsor with their friends in a bit of free time before dinner. Most took advantage of the sunny weather to walk around and relax a little, and many returned to the meeting point later laden down with shopping bags! From there they took a short walk down the river to Flaming Cow, or Gourmet Burger Kitchen, where they were treated to a well needed meal, and the chance to refuel after a long day.

With full stomachs it was time for our evening activity, a relaxing boat ride down the river taking in the historic sights of Windsor, including Eton College where James Bond attended in the 007 novels! In all, it was a day packed full of sightseeing and making memories, many of which will stick in the minds of our students.

At 9pm the students all headed back onto the bus, tired from a long and exciting day. The ride back to Oxford consisted of many students discussing their favourite parts of the trip with their friends – Cherwell students in particular were happily discussing their ‘amazing’ day, singing and laughing all the way home! While most students headed straight to bed when they arrived back, Cherwell were in for another special treat! As it was Gabriela’s birthday, a huge cake was awaiting them, which they happily devoured before settling down to sleep.