We were greeted by another sunny day in Windsor with the magnificent sight of Windsor Castle, one current home of the royal family which was constructed in the 11th century after the Norman invasion of England. It was this sight that captured the imagination of our students as we pulled into Windsor, marveling at the huge scale of the Castle.

First, it was time for our students to explore castle for themselves. Some of our students went off in search of St George’s chapel, many due to their amazement at the Royal Wedding that took place earlier in the summer! Others headed in the direction of the State Apartments, where the royal family have resided for nearly a millennium! Everyone came out amazed at the scale and grandeur of the castle, with many stopping to marvel at it to their group leaders before being released for a couple of hours of free time exploring the city. 

Once everyone had returned from their free time, it was time for a boat ride down the river. Whilst on the boat we were able to see many of the famous sites of Windsor, including the famous Eton College, before heading off to get some tasty burgers for dinner.

After a long day all our students hopped back on board the bus and we headed home for Oxford where the students, exhausted from the day’s activities, went straight to bed, to prepare for the next day.