After a morning hard at work, students headed straight to the coaches at lunch time to start their exciting trip to Windsor. The hour long journey provided time for everyone to relax and have a quick lunch before the real fun began.

The first attraction of the day brought us to Windsor Castle, the oldest continuously inhabited castle in existence, where our students made a beeline to the numerous sights that were on offer. This included St George’s chapel, a particular favourite with our students as they got to see the where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married! Others chose the beautiful State Apartments where the Royal family have resided for nearly a millennium. A small group of students even waited patiently to view Queen Mary’s Dollhouse, a perfectly crafted miniature house which was produced by commission of Queen Mary, the wife of King George V. It was created with so much detail that even the tiny pipes have water running through them and the miniature cars have engines that still run!

After the students had perused the Castle and all it had to offer students enjoyed some free time to explore the beautiful town. Many chose to have a rest and grab a drink in the sunshine, while some were keener to explore the city’s offering of shops. Eventually though it was time to regroup, and the houses set off for dinner in some local restaurants.

After dinner a busy day was rounded off with a peaceful journey down the river, taking in the historic sights of Windsor, with a guided tour expertly given by our activities coordinators who managed to make it both informative and fun. We finally returned home at 10pm, tired but happy, after a busy day of making memories.