varsityMany of you will have heard of the London Underground line, the East Coast mainline or the First Great Western service in the UK. But if I mention the word “Varsity Line” – how many can truthfully say they have heard of this?

Sadly very few people would have heard of the Varsity Line as this is now a historical footnote – the line that used to connect the famous dark blue of Oxford to the light blue of Cambridge no longer functions.

The Varsity Line (or “Brain Line”) is the informal name of railway route that used to connect the famous English university cities of Oxford and Cambridge. Just after the English national team last lifted the Football World Cup in 1966, the last main train connections between Oxford and Cambridge ceased.

There is a campaign being organised by “Railfuture” and the “Campaign for Better Transport” to support the rebuilding of a railway line between Oxford and Cambridge. Though due to various factors, it may be a while before any progress is made.

For now, if you want to take public transport between Oxford and Cambridge, there is a way, but not by train. Indeed the only way of getting between these two famous university towns using public transport is the Stagecoach Bedford X5 coach. So hop aboard the X5 for the “Brain Line”!

Photo by Dtcdthingy (CC BY-SA 3.0)