The day of the World Cup Final dawned as sunny as the past two weeks, with the heat showing no sign of letting up. Of course, this was also arrivals day for our second cohort of students – although I’m sure the final was more important to many!

Students arriving at each house were met by our cheery staff members, who were on hand to show them to their rooms, and help them to settle in, before bringing them, and their parents, across to our welcome reception on rooftop terrace the Malmaison Hotel – a converted castle and prison!

The beautiful weather was enjoyed by all, with groups of students getting to know each other over some soft drinks, and taking in the wonderful views of Oxford.

Come 3pm though, there was only one thing on most people’s minds! The build up to the World Cup Final was beginning and many students began to head downstairs to watch it on the big projector screen.

Despite some friendly rivalry between France and Croatia supporters the match proved to be a great bonding activity for everyone – and no-one ended up too disappointed with a great game, no matter the result. (Well done France!)

Luckily the match didn’t go to penalties, so by the time the barbecue began at 6pm everyone was back on the terrace happily chatting. After a delicious meal, the evening ended with icebreaker games so all the students were able to learn a little more about their classmates and friends for the next two weeks.