It was a relaxing morning for many of our students as some chose to utilize the time for a well deserved lie in after a busy first week of classes and activities. For some of our students it was then time to meet their heroes for their course.

The Computer Science and Discover Tech courses had a hero that discussed the legality of lethal autonomous weapons, a complex issue that many of our students had very strong opinions about!
Creative Writing and Discover Writing were treated to a talk in The Natural History museum about a poet’s experience of their residency inside a museum and the books that resulted from these experiences, displaying the transformative effect a location and extended project can have on an artist’s work.

After this our students were able to indulge in a traditional Sunday English breakfast provided in their house. This was their chance to fill up on a hearty meal before the evening’s festivities. Many of the students were excited in preparation for the OSA ball, which had been hotly discussed amongst students in the run up. Students prepared with their friends, getting ready and some even allowing their minds to wander over the proceedings of the evening which had been kept tightly under wraps.

Finally it was the time they’d all been waiting for, as students congregated in the common rooms enjoying a buffet dinner before they made their way to the venue for the evening. Making their way down to the river the students really were a spectacle to behold, with a magnificent display of vibrant colors and national dress on show. Justin’s traditional Chinese gown captured the amazement of staff and students alike!

As students got to grips with an incredibly intricate idea, dancing on a moving boat, all truly got into the spirit of the evening with some amazing dance moves on display! Kritik and his Bollywood style dancing here deserve a special mention as the staff were blown away by the beauty of his performance. Students then continued to gather for photos with their friends, creating fond memories with each other to be remembered.

The evening flew by for all partaking, as before we knew it was time to head back to the accommodation as the dancing began to take its toll on everyone! As the students settled down for bed in preparation for the next day’s activities.