On Sunday the students gathered for a typical British way to start the weekend, with a full English breakfast! Many of the conversations at breakfast were focussed on the evening’s events and what everyone would be wearing for the International Ball, as well as their upcoming hero sessions.

Our Hero sessions allow students to meet a young professional in their industry, hear about their career path and the options available to them, and participate in a short activity to give them an insight into real daily life in their chosen industry. We had some amazing Heroes this week, ranging from Tsvetelina who spoke to our Law students about her work with the ethics of autonomous weapons (or ‘killer robots’), to Aditi who discussed her varied business career and her work in social entrepreneurship, and helped the students to come up with their own business ideas.

The afternoon provided the opportunity for some students to indulge in some free time, which for most was a great chance to make the most of their time in Oxford and get to visit places they had not yet been in the city. Afterwards many students spent their time prepping themselves and getting ready, as everyone made a big effort before the evening.

Finally it was time for the students to gather in their common rooms, enjoying a buffet style dinner before heading out to the ball. The students then left their houses in groups on a short walk towards the river. As they arrived at the venue for the night, a large river boat on board which the ball was to be held, the staff were blown away at the amazing display of colour on show. What was even more impressive was the national dresses that some students donned, showing their classmates all about their own culture. For the rest of the night many pictures were taken of friends and the art of dancing on a moving boat was mastered. Overall the evening was extremely joyful and entertaining with all having a great time.

In no time at all the evening was drawing to a close and the boat was almost back to our beginning. Everyone finally disembarked and another amazing OSA ball was over! The students all made their way back to their rooms in a joyful mood after such a jubilant evening.