The Sunday started slightly later for most students who chose to make the most of their morning with slightly longer in bed, recovering from a busy week of activities! Everyone was then treated to a catered hot breakfast – a traditional English fry up complete with eggs, tomatoes, sausages and bacon, and much more! Much of the conversation during the meal was orientated towards the evening and the OSA ball, which had clearly captured the excitement of many.

After this, most classes were treated to their Hero session – an opportunity to meet a young professional in their industry, and learn more about the options available to them in the future, as well as try out some practical activities to find out what a day in the life of our Heroes is really like. Particularly after yesterday’s challenges, these sessions really captured the imagination of the students, and got them thinking about what their futures might really be like!

After this students went and prepared for the evening with their friends, getting ready and giving each other a sneak peak of some of the moves that would later be on display! At 5pm, it was finally time for the main event, as students gathered with their friends in the common rooms to enjoy a buffet style dinner to provide them with plenty of energy for the evening to come.

As they descended to the river the Activity Coordinators were blown away by the exceptional parade of vibrant colours and beautiful range of national dress on show. To the amazement of our students, the ball was to be held on a moving boat down the river, something which went down particularly well for the many photographs the students took to remember the night! The stunning countryside sunset really brought an extra special element to the night.

Before we knew it the evening was almost over and the boat had returned to our starting position as it was time to head back to the accommodation. The students made their journey back to their rooms still in a joyful mood after a fun packed evening, finally returning to their beds to prepare for another busy day!