Lampl Summer Blogs

Sunday 21st July to Saturday 3rd August

Friday 2nd August 2019


Our last full day came around unbelievably quickly! Students went off to their final set of classes and independent study time in the morning, sad to say goodbye to their tutors and to spend their final few hours with their new friends. At lunchtime, many students chose to join Lavinia for a session on how to become a Scholastica Ambassador and help us spread the word about our inspirational summer programmes! We’re thrilled to see so many students are keen, with Amelie in particular keen to help out before her Scholastica experience had even finished!



The afternoon and evening saw much excitement over the Graduation ceremony. Lampl was well-represented on stage, with student speakers including Nifemi, Kitan, Parker, Victor, Ahmad, Lailamah, Hussain and Salma all bravely addressing the group of students, parents, friends, staff and tutors on the subject of their courses and Challenges. We were very proud of all of them!



We had a BBQ in the garden of the Said Business School and the obligatory class and house photos before heading over to the ceilidh! A highlight for many students, this is a traditional Scottish dance with a live band and ‘caller’ who teaches everyone the moves and guides them through the dance. A lot of giggles ensued, which turned into tears later in the night as students with early departures the next morning said their final goodbyes.


We will miss all of you and wish you all the best! Stay in touch and let us know how you get on – #teamLampl FOREVER!!!





Thursday 1st August 2019


After a big day yesterday in Windsor, we were ready to return to normality: breakfast, classes, Independent Study and lunch in town with friends. The afternoon brought a new challenge, however – the Social Impact Conference. This was a chance for students to learn more about the ways they can use their careers, their income, or their free time to make a positive impact on society.



First off, they heard from Diko, a community organiser who focuses on bringing people together on community projects to combat loneliness and depression. They then had a Q&A with Rupert from KEEN, an Oxfordshire-based charity that aims to help make sport accessible to all, and a speaker from Oxford Hubs. Susanna explained the Scholastica Foundation to our students: our initiative which is designed to provide advice, publicity and funding for social impact projects set up by our alumni. We love to support projects that our alumni are passionate about: in the past we’ve been able to support a social enterprise that sells jewellery and donates the profits to build sustainable rainwater harvesting systems in Rwanda; a school and orphanage in Thailand that provides education and care for orphans of refugee families from Myanmar; a peer-to-peer mental health initiative as well as many other health and education projects around the world.



Students were given the time and space to think: if you could solve any problem in the world, what would you solve? And how would you go about doing it? We were really impressed by the resourcefulness and passion on display, and we hope any students that would like to take the next steps towards turning their ideas into reality get in touch with us for support from the Foundation!





Wednesday 31st July 2019


Today was our final trip day of the summer school, and this time, further afield – to the Royal Borough of Windsor, and Windsor Castle! This meant a day off from classes from our students, who were (amazingly?!) sad not to see their tutors and have class today!

We started off with a visit to see the Changing of the Guard – a traditional parade of one set of the Queen’s Guards marching to replace the previous set as they come off duty.



Afterwards, our students had a period of free time to explore the historic city centre and get some lunch, with many choosing to explore the river front, parks and shops of Windsor. We then met together as a group to go into the Castle itself. We explored an exhibition on the history of the Castle, the State Rooms (the Castle’s official rooms where the Queen hosts her formal visitors), and St George’s Chapel, where Harry and Meghan got married last year! Henry VIII, England’s most famous King, is buried in the Chapel, giving our students the opportunity to tell each other the famous rhyme of his wives’ fates: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived…!





Tuesday 30th July 2019


Our students are pros by now at their new, University-style life, and got themselves up, had breakfast and went to class as usual this morning. After lunch in town, they were treated to another set of Masterclasses – this time, they had the chance to really drill down into the concept of failure and success. What is failure? What does success really look like? And how can we turn initial failures into long-term success? As a topic that is rarely spoken about in schools, our students always love getting to discuss failure – and their fear of it – with our inspirational Masterclass leaders. We had some really insightful questions from the students, including a great comment from Hussein on why we are so afraid of failure.

We had a delicious dinner at the confusingly-named Breakfast Club (they don’t only serve breakfast!), followed by a cultural highlight: the outdoor Shakespeare play at the historic Oxford Castle, Twelfth Night. This is a play that manages to be funny nearly five hundred years after it was written – a classic Shakespearean tale of mistaken identity, long-lost twins and romance! Our Creative Writing students, in particular, had been very much looking forward to this evening, and it didn’t disappoint, with Parker all smiles for the rest of the evening!







Monday 29th July 2019


The second week of the summer school has begun. We can’t believe the first went by so quickly! Students woke up on Monday for an early breakfast before they headed for their morning classes. After independent study and lunch in town, they were given the option of attending one of two Masterclasses. The first was titled ‘Thinking about your Future’ and the other was about UK university applications! Here’s a picture of our Lampl students from one of the talks:



By now, students have become like locals to Oxford City Centre and were allowed to go on their own to grab dinner from Westgate. Afterwards, we all headed back to Lampl to enjoy another House Night with our ACs Holly and Omar. It was a more relaxed evening that included doing each other’s nails and face masks. Here’s a picture of some of the students rocking it! Try and spot our AC Omar in the back…



Here’s another picture of Nifemi’s reaction to her brother’s face mask and nails! It was indeed a fun evening all around. Tomorrow the students will be going to an outdoors play so stay tuned!






Sunday 28th July 2019


The weekend was still going strong. We had a very relaxed Sunday morning. Some students slept in and others woke up to have an early breakfast. Our English students had their Hero Session at Lampl and then it was time for food! We all went to have brunch in one of Oxford’s most prestigious colleges – Corpus Christi! Students enjoyed a wide selection of breakfast food from the open buffet (even going for seconds) before everyone left to enjoy more weekend free time. The picture here is of Sameera, Judy, Parker, Emily, Amelie, Ania and Tala all having food together!



After exploring town some more, with some opting to go shopping at the outlet centre at Bicester Village, students came back to Lampl to enjoy some pizza before getting ready for the ball! It was a fun packed night, with students dancing on a boat that set off from Folly Bridge! Here’s a picture of the students before they left for the party. Everyone was dressed so nicely and ready to have a great time! The DJ took requests all night, but our favourite song was the final one – ‘Can’t Hold Us’! It was definitely an evening to remember.






Saturday 27th July 2019


The weekend was finally here and Lampl students were certainly looking forward to their free time! Saturday started off with a bit of a late breakfast, allowing students some extra time in bed before their Hero Sessions started. In these sessions, students had the opportunity to talk to an inspirational Hero from their chosen subject. Sessions even included a long Q&A to make sure they benefited as much as possible from meeting all our Heroes. Our Enterprise students met someone from the Bank of England who works on their Brexit strategy, while the Psychology & Neuroscience students met Lotte, an Oxford psychologist who now works for a medical research charity.




Afterwards, students had their first long lunch break to explore Oxford. A lot of them went shopping, some played basketball in one of Oxford’s public courts and others went to Iffley Sports Centre with our AC Omar to play some football! Omar told us that Danny in particular was great at leading his team!

After a dinner at Wagamama’s, we had a VERY competitive game of Hide and Seek in the house with our brilliant AC Holly. All of Lampl took part in the game! The students were running around everywhere looking for each other. In our second round, students spent ages looking for Holly, Dima, Salma, Jana and Ania! Holly, Dima and Jana were all hiding in the first-floor closet! Whereas Ania hid in the bushes outside and Salma was hiding in one of the wardrobes! It was a fun packed evening indeed! Here’s a picture of the students and Holly mid-game.



After the game, it was time to rest before the big following day. In no time they’d be dancing at the OSA ball! Ryan even said he’ll be taking some team pictures for Lampl on his Instax camera!





Friday 26th July 2019


The day of fun challenges is finally here! Students have (literally) been waiting for these hands-on challenges from the day they arrived at Oxford! The Young Doctors went to JR hospital to speak with patients, Debate students researched and debated a highly controversial topic, and Engineering Prep students even got to design a drone!

Here’s a picture of all our Discover tech students working on their bottle-rockets. Can you tell they’re all Lampl students? Notice Maya, Lailamah, Maria and Ahmad deep in discussion!

Here’s another picture of Thea and Myral constructing their rocket!

The Enterprise students, on the other hand, worked with the engineering prep students. Here’s a picture of Jasmine and Nifemi hard at work!

Many more challenges were done in other classrooms around Oxford! Students then returned home to relax after their busy day before heading to Leon for dinner. After dinner, Holly had a film night with the students. They all really enjoyed watching the first Hunger Games Film!

Our exciting day then came to an end. One quick evening briefing later, students started heading to bed. Everyone was really looking forward to the weekend. So much free time to explore Oxford and play fun games in the house! Stay tuned to know what the students are up to!

Thursday 25th July 2019

Today was the debating workshop at the prestigious Oxford Union! To start off with, Lampl students took part in a dialogue workshop. We read and discussed comment sections from popular news articles, and thought about how the dialogue could have been less confrontational and more respectful, as well as backing up the arguments with evidence. We then practised having an interesting and constructive dialogue with somebody in the group that disagreed with our point of view on a controversial topic, such as the death penalty. Some students even managed to change their partner’s mind.

Then we took part in a debating workshop, starting off with Marvel and Disney characters all in a failing hot air balloon debating who should be saved. Unfortunately, Ahmad and Victor were the first to go.

Then the serious stuff began. Two groups debated the introduction of the sugar tax, in the style of a British parliamentary debate. Jana, Mark and Parker made it to the final debate with the whole summer school. The proposition was “those in the 90th percentile for income should not be allowed to run for office”. The Noes won, but the debate was lively on all parts!

We finished a tiring and great day back at the house with some free time for everyone.


Wednesday 24th July 2019


Today was the big trip to Blenheim Palace, the principal residence of the Dukes of Marlborough and the birthplace of Winston Churchill! Before entering, students had time to explore the gardens, take photos and get some lunch from the palace’s cafes. Salma particularly enjoyed the formal gardens, which included a large fountain and a breath-taking view of the river. Here’s a picture of Roberto in those gardens!



Inside the palace, students learned about the history of the building and Winston Churchill’s childhood. Ahmed was blown away by the all the art and old furniture. This trip was definitely a success! The students even stopped to sign their names in the palace guest book. Here’s Ishil and Roberto again signing their names!



After the trip, students went to grab dinner together at Westgate. We then all returned to Lampl for House Night! Our ACs Holly and Omar ran a variety of games and challenges in different parts of the building and students got to take part in whatever game they liked. However, our trivia quiz between house teams was definitely the highlight of the evening. The students did brilliantly at answering questions ranging from music, history, geography and many more!





Tuesday 23rd July 2019


Today was the ultimate day of outdoor fun. After a classic breakfast, fun classes, and lunch in town, it was time for punting! We took off from the Cherwell boathouse and Lampl got on their punts. Ahmed and Danny were the first to immediately become pros! Salma and Hadya were doing great too! Check this photo of Hadya leading her punt.



Ryan, Sydney and so many other students were smiling and laughing the entire time! Punting was a success.

We then all went to University Parks to relax before our big BBQ at Wolfson College. Lampl students gathered with students from St Thomas’ house and split into groups. Some of them played rugby, some played an exciting game of Capture the Flag with our brilliant AC Holly, and others laid down in the shade to chat.

At Wolfson College, students enjoyed more rugby and football before Michael Plant, a PhD in Moral Philosophy at Oxford University, came to give them a talk titled ‘Conquering Happiness’ to end the fun-packed day. Here are some pictures of our Lampl students enjoying the BBQ! It’s so nice to see them all quickly becoming good friends.










Monday 22nd July 2019


Today was the first day of classes for our Lampl students! In the morning, our team walked everyone to the Blavatnik School of Government and the Oxford University English Language Centre to meet their tutors. After one last official welcome talk from our leadership team, the summer school was set to kick off! The students had lunch in town before they headed out on a tour around Oxford. The tour included the Radcliffe Camera, Bodleian Library, Bridge of sighs as well as an inside look at one of Oxford’s oldest and most prestigious colleges, Jesus College. Here are some pictures of the students inside the college hall and outside the Sheldonian! (notice Maya being slightly annoyed that Victor and Hussein are giving her rabbit ears)

We also visited the Oxford Natural History Museum where the students chilled outside and got some cold drinks.

Afterwards, the students had some independent study time to finish their homework. Then it was time for an exciting Scavenger Hunt! It was the perfect chance for the students to apply their gained knowledge of Oxford during the tour to the test. Points were gained by drawing our team as gargoyles, running quickly around the Radcliffe Camera, and answering questions about Oxford’s history and surroundings! After the successful hunt, the students enjoyed a local favourite treat of G&Ds ice cream then went to bed to rest before their next fun-packed day. We will have punting tomorrow! Something Danny and Ahmed are both definitely looking forward to.


Sunday 21st July 2019


It’s finally the first day of our second summer school!  Our Lampl team enthusiastically waited for our news students to arrive to their new summer home. Students started making their way to Oxford in the early afternoon. Everyone arrived just in time to kick off our BBQ at Malmaison! Here’s a picture of our Head of House Maeve and our Events Officer Lama at the welcome desk waiting for students!

After saying goodbye to their parents, it was time to enjoy some icebreakers. Students played a variety of games like the Human Knot, Splat, Forbidden Rhythm and many more! They all particularly enjoyed the games which allowed the students to memorise each other’s names! When we finished all the icebreakers, it was finally time to head back to Lampl. After a quick evening briefing and another warm welcome from Maeve, students went to bed to rest before their big first day! Tomorrow there will be an Oxford Tour and a Scavenger Hunt around Oxford. Stay tuned!