Lampl Summer Blogs

Sunday 7th July to Saturday 20th July

Wednesday 10th July 2019


Today was the big trip to Blenheim Palace, the official residence of the Dukes of Marlborough and the birthplace of Winston Churchill! After a half hour bus journey that involved airdropping many memes to each other, we arrived at the palace. Before entering, students had time to explore the gardens and take photos. Mateo and Santiago definitely made the most of their time as they came running back half an hour later saying they made it all the way to the large pillar outside the palace!



Felicity decided to spend this extra time trying to roll down the hill that lead to the river. She didn’t manage to roll that far but this funny picture was worth it!

Inside the palace, students learned about the history of the building and Winston Churchill’s childhood. Here’s a pic of Yashvi reading more about Churchill and Kornelija, Mark, and Olle admiring the artwork in one of the rooms.


And here’s another picture of Vitor and Jack after finishing the tour!



The students even stopped to sign their names in the palace guest book. They then went outside to enjoy the rest of the palace gardens, which included large fountains and a magnificent view!



After the trip, students went to grab dinner together at Westgate. We then all returned to Lampl for House Night! Our ACs ran a variety of games and students got to take part in whatever game they liked. The highlight of the night, however, was that Vitor succeeded in his long-awaited challenge of telling Dr Pepper apart from Cola and Pepsi… while blindfolded! Vitor gained three house points putting his very proud team in the lead!




Tuesday 9th July 2019


Today was the ultimate day of outdoors fun. The students had started off their day as usual, a classic breakfast, fun classes, and lunch in town. It was then time for punting! The students gathered and made their way to the Cherwell boathouse and Lampl were the first on their punts! It didn’t take them long to make their way down the river. Here’s a picture of Hannah, Felicity, Serena, and Kornelija getting ready to set off!



Jonas, Santiago, Trip, Emanuel, Thomas and Mark were really enjoying it! Santiago even got his house team points for leading his friends so well.

Layan was doing great leading too! She quickly got a hang of punting and was making her way smoothly down the river with her team. Try and spot our Head of House in the back!



After punting, we all went to University Parks to relax before our big BBQ at Wolfson College. Lampl students gathered with students from St Thomas’s and split into groups. Some of them played football, some played an exciting game of ‘Mafia’ led by our AC Holly, and others laid down in the sun to chat.

Here are Mateo, Santiago, Arthur, Trip and Vladimir chatting together and resting after punting:



We then headed off to Wolfson College for a delicious BBQ! The students enjoyed more ‘Mafia’ and football before Michael Plant, a PhD researcher in Moral Philosophy at Oxford University, came to give us a Masterclass entitled ‘Conquering Happiness’ to end the fun-packed day.




Monday 8th July 2019


After a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, Lampl students made their way to their first classes of the summer! Our house team took them to the Blavatnik School of Government and Oxford University English Language Centre to meet their tutors. Here’s a picture of Hussein and Faisal that morning!



Mateo, one of our Discover Medicine students, couldn’t stop talking about his class all the way back! Santiago, a Discover Tech student, even discussed the importance of combining tech and medicine with Mateo.



After some independent study time to finish their homework and a quick lunch in city centre, it was time for a tour around Oxford! Students got the chance to see the Radcliffe Camera, Bridge of Sighs, Bodleian Library and even an inside tour of Jesus College, one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in central Oxford. Here are some pictures of our students in the Jesus College Hall and outside the Radcliffe Camera! 

Our other group also added Oxford Castle to their list! Sean and Ishi even jokingly took a picture in the pillory outside the 12th Century Castle.

The students then had an exciting Scavenger Hunt, where they put their new knowledge of Oxford to the test. They won points for drawing our team as gargoyles, running around the Radcliffe Camera, and answering questions about Oxford’s history and surroundings! After the successful hunt, the students enjoyed a local favourite treat of G&Ds ice cream then went to bed to rest before their next fun-packed day.





Sunday 7th July – Arrivals Day!


The first day of summer school is finally here!  Our Oxford Scholastica team excitedly waited for our new students to arrive at their houses for the summer: Lampl, St Thomas’s and Edwards. Despite the fact that most students came tired from their flights, they were all still really enthusiastic about starting their classes and activities tomorrow! Here’s a picture of our Heads of House Maeve and Jenny ready to welcome students:



After saying goodbye to their parents, students had a delicious BBQ as they enjoyed the view of Oxford from the roof terrace at the Oxford Castle and laughed at the sight of an inflatable flying dinosaur (yes, really!). 



It was then time to start our icebreakers. Our Activities Coordinator Omar from Lampl led the Human Knot! It quickly turned into a fun competition between the students. Who could untangle their group faster and win? 



Jenny, our Head of House from St Thomas’s, played ‘Forbidden Rhythm’ with students with the scenic Oxford sunset behind them. The day ended with another warm welcome from our Heads of House before the students went to bed to rest in preparation for their big first day at Scholastica!