Today has been another exciting day at Oxford Scholastica. Students have been settling into their courses with a second day of full lessons, and many students are using their independent study sessions to keep on top of things.

Exercise is an important part of a balanced routine and we were glad to see students join Molly in our running club.

Jacques and Praveen appear to be our fastest runners which bodes well for our upcoming Oxford Olympics! Cupcake making was a hit success, and Zara named a cupcake after herself.


Cupcake presentations

We also enjoyed a Stress Busting masterclass from Sophie, where students explored ways of dealing with stress; Romain and Fatma are particularly big fans of sleeping! Many students were big fans of the Indian restaurant we ate at although Alex managed to eat his poppadom before the sauces came out.

Discussion at dinner turned to geopolitics as Sinan, Kostos, Kent and Bert decided to start their own brand new country. Kostos was particularly insistent on a high corporate tax rate, we’re glad to see students showing vision and leadership outside the classroom.

We finally sat down to the important business of the world cup semi-final. There is a clear division in the camp, with Ali, Victoria and Joana following Brazil and Julian, Dobby and Sinan cheering for Germany. We look forward to another eventful day tomorrow.