After the resounding success of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the world has admired the sporting talent nurtured in the United Kingdom. Despite obvious global success in athletics, cycling, cricket and tennis recently, Britain is home to many more peculiar sports which haven’t yet gained the same traction.

Here is the Oxford Scholastica Academy’s compilation of the top 5 most unique British sports:

  • The Eton Field Game – the Duke of Wellington supposedly famously said that the Battle of Waterloo was “won on the playing fields of Eton”, but less well-known is the fact that Eton plays its own sport, the “Field Game”.
  • Played by boys in the spring term, this is a curious combination of both rugby and soccer. Bobby from our team played it many times when he was at Eton, and with lots of thankless running up and down the pitch he knows the reason why the game hasn’t caught on anywhere else!

  • The World Snail Racing Championships – Norfolk is the site of these bizarre championships which start off with “Ready, steady, slow!”. The Usain Bolt of the snail world has yet to be discovered…
  • toe

  • Toe Wrestling – taking place in a “toedium”, this Derbyshire-based sport has submitted several petitions to be included in the Olympic games (all rejected!).
  • World Conker Championships – thousands flock to Northamptonshire every year to watch this great spectacle, as modern day gladiators take to combat armed only with a nut and a 12 inch piece of string.
  • Stinging Nettle Eating – Dorset is the proud host borough of this incredibly unique event which sees contestants battle it out to see who can survive eating this vicious plant!

Photo by Caravanum (CC BY 2.0)