If you have a fear of heights, don’t look down (pun intended!) At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, we have chosen our top 5 vantage points in the UK:

  • The BT Tower was once the tallest building in London. Back in 2011, it was turned into the biggest Star Wars style lightsaber of all time, with C-3PO (actor Anthony Daniels) pressing the button which sent a huge beam of light into the sky. You have to see this to believe this!
  • Inspired by the shape of London’s medieval church spires, The Shard is the tallest building in the European Union standing over 1000 feet tall and now dominates the London skyline from the south.
  • Those who visited the Olympic Park during the 2012 Games will no doubt have an opinion on the red roller coaster structure known as the ArcelorMittal Orbit. According to Oxford alumnus and London Mayor Boris Johnson, the designer Anish Kapoor has “taken the idea of a tower and transformed it into a piece of modern British art. It would have boggled the minds of the Romans. It would have boggled Gustave Eiffel.”
  • Venture up north in the UK and you encounter the 200 foot Scott Monument dedicated to Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. Described by travel author Bill Bryson as a “gothic rocket ship”, this Edinburgh tower even gives a certificate of achievement to those who climb the 287 steps.
  • Dating back to the 13th century, you can see for miles around Oxford from the top of The University Church of St Mary the Virgin. The 127 stairs to summit lead you to what some church historians claim to be the most beautiful spire in England. Click here to read more about Oxford’s dreaming spires.

Photo by garryknight (CC BY-SA 2.0)