According to the Oxford dictionary, Scrabble [a mass noun] is the trademark a game in which players build up words on a board from small lettered squares or tiles. Over the past weekend, the top two national players clashed to decide the winner of the annual British National Scrabble Championships.

The game hinged on the word “coniines”, a word few people in the normal world will know the meaning of. So here are our top 5 words from that gripping final.

  • Coniines: Alkaloid that makes up the poisonous part of hemlock
  • Litu: Plural of Litas, a former silver coin and monetary unit of Lithuania
  • Bandura: Ukrainian lute
  • Enew: (Hawk) Falconry term for driving a bird into the water
  • Fy: To digest

If you’d like to polish your Scrabble tactics before the annual board games at Christmas, see below for an expert’s top tips on how to make sure you never lose to your siblings again!

Photo by The Barrow Boy (CC BY 2.0)