Scholarships 2018 - Application Form (Applications Now Open)

Are you a pupil at a local Oxford state school? Our Scholarship Programme provides full non-residential scholarships - find out more below.

Are you eligible?

  • Are you a pupil at school in Oxford at one of the following schools?
Cheney SchoolCherwell School
Matthew Arnold SchoolOxford Academy
Oxford Spires AcademySt Gregory the Great
  • Are you between 15-18 years old?
  • Are you part of the Pupil Premium scheme or were you part of the Free School Meals scheme at any time in the last 6 years?
  • Are you motivated to want to explore a subject and discover a career this summer?

If so, read on for more information!


Explore a Subject and Discover a Career this Summer!

Do you want to take your studies to a higher level while experiencing the most memorable summer of your life?

At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, we want to inspire you to think about the opportunities that life could hold for you.

We offer a summer programme for pupils from the UK and around the world. At OSA, we invite you to explore a subject and discover a career, preparing you for your future.

You will experience study at a higher level with like-minded students in a close-knit international community and make friends for life.

We offer a number of scholarships for aspiring students from local Oxford secondary schools to join us this summer. You will:

  • Explore your chosen subject with our inspirational tutors, helping you to decide if you would like to study this further
  • Discover related careers through meeting our Heroes (young professionals who have studied your subject) and experiencing our practical Challenge (where you’ll build an app (Computer Science/Enterprise Academies), diagnose real patients (Young Doctors), experience a mock trial (Young Lawyers) etc.)
  • Develop your skills through our Masterclasses (in areas such as debating, resilience, social impact etc)
  • Meet like-minded people and make friends from around the world, getting to know people from 30+ different countries
  • Build your confidence and develop your independent thinking

What does a day at the summer school look like?

You will come to our premises near the Oxford Castle Quarter and meet your fellow students in the morning for breakfast*. After breakfast, you will have classes in small groups as well as a private study sessions, where you’ll get on with assignments set by your tutors. This will be followed by a lunch break which you can spend with your friends. After lunch, there will be different activities such as Masterclasses which everyone can attend, games, sports or mini-excursions.

In the evening, we will all go out for dinner at one of the many restaurants in the city centre. Following that, there will be cultural or fun evening activities such as quiz nights, treasure hunts, attending plays or an ice cream tasting. A typical day ends around 10pm.

We also have trips to Cambridge and Windsor Castle.

*You can have breakfast at home if you want to, of course, or you can opt for the two breakfasts option and have a second breakfast at OSA!

Which courses does OSA offer?

Computer Science

Creative Writing

Debate & Public Speaking








Summer 2018 Dates

Two weeksSunday 1st July to Saturday 14th July 2018
Two weeksSunday 15th July to Saturday 28th July 2018
Two weeksSunday 29th July to Saturday 11th August 2018

What does the scholarship include?

The scholarship covers all expenses you would have during the summer school, including:

  • All course fees
  • All meals (including lunch)
  • All excursions
  • Travel costs from and to your home each day

In other words, you won’t have to pay anything to attend Oxford Scholastica, and we’ll cover any travel or lunch costs you incur.

Accommodation is not included, so you will be one of our “non-residential” students.


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How can I apply for the scholarship?

You can apply for the scholarship by filling in the form below. As part of the application process, you will be asked to write a personal statement, and to submit the name of a teacher who could write a reference in support of your application. Please do ask your teacher if they would write such a reference and explain what the programme is about so that they can support you as best as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Jana.