The first full day of the summer school started off with introductory classes for each specific course, where the students met their tutors and learnt about the curriculum for the upcoming two weeks. Following classes and private study time, the students headed out for lunch in Oxford with new friends.

Bridge of Sighs

In the afternoon, everyone was treated to a tour of Oxford by the Activities Coordinators, where the students got to see the top historical and architectural sights of Oxford. These included the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library, Bridge of Sighs, the Sheldonian Theatre, and the Ashmolean Museum as well as glimpses of a few of the more famous Oxford colleges. Some students were even lucky enough to get a tour of Keeble College, one of the 38 colleges that make up the University of Oxford.

Keeble Tour

Keeble College is very distinct from other Oxford colleges, with still-controversial neo-gothic red brick design; it stands out from the landscape of traditionally English Palladian style. It was originally the proposed setting for the Harry Potter movies, but the college refused to put in a fourth table in the Dining Hall to accommodate the four Harry Potter houses.

Rainy Monday

Following the tour, students competed in groups in the Oxford Scholastica Scavenger Hunt, where they completed challenges around the city ranging from running a lap around the Rad Cam, to posing for photos next to the Sheldonian and spotting gargoyles that look like the Activities Coordinators. After a rainy afternoon, everyone was glad to enjoy dinner at restaurants around town and have ice-cream delivered to the accommodation afterwards from the locally-renowned G&D’s.