Quarantine Programme

For students who need to quarantine on arrival in the UK, we are proud to present this exciting programme, so that you can make the most of your time while quarantining safely.

Please read this page in conjunction with our COVID-19 Information page for the latest updates on travel into the UK.

Quarantine programme

We know that many students are very keen to join us this summer, but that ongoing travel restrictions due to COVID-19 may mean that they are required to quarantine on arrival into the UK. That’s why we’ve developed this programme for Summer 2021 – so that your time in quarantine is just as exciting as your time outside it!

Available from the 3rd July for all students arriving into the UK from countries on the Amber List, we’ll host you on our campus during your quarantine period, help you to organise and take your mandatory tests and make sure you are well looked after by our team. After day 5 of quarantine you can then join the programme in full (the day you arrive in England counts as day 0).

During the daytime, you’ll take part in our brand new challenge with fellow students – building a social enterprise from scratch, with the support of an Oxford Scholastica Mentor – making friends, learning new skills, and gaining valuable experience of entrepreneurship!

Online quarantine challenge

Make the most of quarantine

Will you need to quarantine in the UK on arrival? Are you eager to begin your Oxford experience – getting a head start on your future, making friends from around the world and exploring your subject – before your course even starts?

We believe that quarantine shouldn’t be a hurdle to jump over before your course begins. It should be a transformational experience all of its own. Get ready to forget what you think you know about being locked down, and get ready to step into a thrilling world of teamwork, subject exploration and technical wizardry.

Escape Room Challenge

During your quarantine, you’ll work with a team of students from around the world to develop a virtual escape room business. You’ll both shape the business itself, and design and create an epic virtual escape room (an online game where a team has to tackle tasks and solve puzzles in order to emerge victorious) of your own.

The virtual escape room your team creates won’t just put contestants to the ultimate test. As a social enterprise, your escape room venture will be challenged to generate a profit which can be used to fund projects tackling a major social or environmental problem.

Your quarantine experience will be like stepping into a video game where, with your team, you pull all the strings – and do good at the same time.

Your expert mentor, a graduate from one of the top universities in the world, will guide you through the project and support you and your team to excel. No prior coding or technical knowledge is needed – you’ll learn and build as you go!

With your teammates, you will:

  • Tackle every aspect of getting your escape room venture off the ground – from branding, to marketing, to finance
  • Hone your subject knowledge by designing an ingenious virtual escape room, themed around challenges in your subject – from codes hidden in literature in the Creative Writing escape room, to mysterious infectious diseases which need to be diagnosed against the clock in the Medicine escape room, you’ll test every aspect of your contestants’ knowledge and teamwork
  • Gain hands-on subject-specific experience that will prove invaluable for your university or college application
  • Develop skills in hot demand by the very best universities – from critical thinking, to problem solving
  • Sharpen your technical skills and expertise as you craft your escape room
  • Make friends from around the world as you collaborate closely over an intense and fast-paced week

Quarantine in comfort


When you’re not busy collaborating with your team to build the venture, you’ll have the option of joining one of our top-rated Online Courses, free of charge (available for students who quarantine with us on our campus, on request).

You’ll be living in a comfortable bedroom on the Oxford University campus, with your own en-suite bathroom, and our team will look after you to make sure you’re safe, happy and comfortable. We’ll organise your meals – you’ll get to choose whatever you’d like to eat! – and there will be a member of staff in the building, dedicated to looking after you, whom you’ll be able to contact via Whatsapp or phone call.

You’ll be able to exercise in our outdoor space, and we’ll have a programme of online social activities for you to join in with.

As part of your quarantine, you’ll be required to take three COVID-19 tests – one on day 2, one on day 5 (after which you can end your quarantine if negative!) and a final one on day 8. We can help to organise your tests for you with a local provider once your family have paid for them.

We’d recommend arriving before the start date of your summer school with us, if possible, to avoid missing out on any of the in-person experience. However, we’re also able to accommodate students who join us on their planned start date, taking part in the first few days of the programme online during quarantine, and the rest in person.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Lavinia, who will be happy to discuss your personal situation to decide on the best option for you.

Key facts


Location Our campus in Oxford
Duration 5 days, subject to receiving a negative COVID-19 test on day 5 (the day you arrive in the UK counts as day 0)
Availability From the 3rd July 2021
What’s Included?
  • Accommodation
  • All meals and snacks
  • Staff supervision
  • Escape Room Challenge – build a social enterprise!
  • Optional access to a live Online Course (for students quarantining on our campus, on request)
  • Online social programme
  • Access to a garden to exercise
Not Included
  • Airport transfers (although we can help you to arrange these)
  • COVID-19 tests (although we can help to arrange these for you at a discounted rate)
  • If you arrive on the planned start date of your course, there will be no additional cost for our quarantine programme
  • If you arrive before the planned start date of your course, the fees for our quarantine programme will be £150 per night

Frequently asked questions


My child is travelling from a country on the Green List - does my child need to quarantine?

Visitors into the UK from Green List countries will not need to quarantine on arrival, so your child is welcome to join us on their Arrivals Day as planned. However, your child will need to take a COVID-19 test on Day 2 after their arrival (the day they land in the UK counts as Day 0) and we will be able to help arrange this with a local provider at a discounted rate for you.

You can read more about the requirements for visitors into the UK from Green List countries here.

My child is travelling from a country on the Red List - can my child complete their quarantine with Oxford Scholastica?

Visitors into the UK from Red List countries will need to quarantine in a Government-approved hotel for 10 days, and will unfortunately not be able to complete their quarantine on our campus. However, if your child would like to join our online Quarantine Programme while they quarantine separately, they would be welcome to join.

Please note that only British or Irish nationals, or those with UK residency rights, will be allowed to enter the UK from Red List countries.

You can read more about the requirements for visitors into the UK from Red List countries here.

What if my child has a vaccine or antibodies?
At the moment, there isn’t an exemption to the quarantine rules for fully vaccinated travellers. The UK government is keeping this under review and it may be that so-called “vaccine passports” are introduced, which will allow vaccinated visitors to the UK to bypass the quarantine rules, though this isn’t guaranteed.
My child will be quarantining separately - can my child join the Oxford Scholastica Quarantine Programme?

Yes! If your child would like to join our online Quarantine Programme while they quarantine separately, they would be very welcome to join. Please get in touch to let us know that your child would like to join our online Quarantine Programme.

What will happen if my country is moved to the Green List shortly before my quarantine is due to start?

In order to make quarantine costs affordable we are subsidising the costs for students. If a student’s plan changes at short notice, for example if their country is moved from the amber list to the green list, we want to be as flexible as possible, so our cancellation policy is as follows: if you cancel your quarantine stay with us more than 14 days before your quarantine start date you will get a full refund. If you cancel after 14 days we will refund everything except any accommodation costs which have been already incurred. We hope this will give you peace of mind, so that you know you can book flexibly and with confidence.

What will happen if my country is moved to the Amber List shortly before my quarantine is due to start?

If this is the case, we will still be able to welcome your child – they will be able to complete their quarantine during their first few days with us, and then join the rest of the programme as planned.

Who will look after my child during their quarantine?

There will be a member of staff in the building, dedicated to looking after your child, whom your child will be able to contact via Whatsapp or phone call whenever they need anything.

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