We began the second week of the summer school in style with punting, Sophie’s famous picnic and no fewer than four birthdays. The students headed into the normal routine of class and study before we all met and walked through the University Parks down to the Cherwell Boathouse. A first for many, punting proved to have an entertaining learning curve as everyone struggled to direct their vessels away from other punts, the shore and the trees bordering the river banks. In an absolute record for the summer school, four students managed to get a closer view of the river than expected. In stark contrast, Veronica gracefully directed her group through the carnage. With the damp students heading back to change, the rest of our group moved on to a picnic in the nearby University Parks. After a chorus of “Happy Birthday” shook the trees, Maya, David, Anthony and Alex began the assault on the feast that Sophie had created for us. Fuelled by sandwiches, cookies and brownies, several games of football began, as well as Capture the Flag and rounders. After several hours in the park we headed back to the accommodation to prepare for the following day.

punting 2