The first Wednesday of the summer school started harshly for some with a fire drill at 8am rousing some reluctant risers. Everyone was starting to get into the swing of things and the students began to dig a bit deeper into their various courses. Our Law students also met with Angie, our Law hero. Anselm aptly summarized Angie as “real” in his signature style. In the early afternoon the whole summer school walked down to the Cherwell Boathouse for the great Oxford tradition of punting. With a 20 minute learning curve, the session started with an impressive number of collisions, crashes and close calls (Carmen and Cherry), but before long the students had their boats under some semblance of control. After several hours of punting we moved down to the University Parks for a delicious picnic created by our director Sophie. The staff and students also displayed varying levels of prowess at both football and rounders (British game similar to baseball). Highlights included a solid performances from Arantxa, Andreas and Hugo, and that one time that Ade passed the ball. The well sunned, tired but very full group then returned home and much of the group elected to have an early night!