Learn more about Pakistani students who have attended Oxford Scholastica, and why Pakistani families choose Oxford Scholastica for their children.

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Pakistani Students

Why Oxford?

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of some of Pakistan’s biggest thinkers? The first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim majority nation, Benazir Bhutto, studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lady Margaret Hall. She was also the first Asian woman to act as President of the world-renowned debating society, the Oxford Union, in whose chambers the final of the Oxford Scholastica Academy (OSA)’s Debating Masterclass is held.

Other former presidents of Pakistan who studied in the city include Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, ex-international cricketer Imran Khan, Liaquat Ali Khan and Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari.


Why Oxford Scholastica?

Out of the countless different nationalities represented at Oxford Scholastica every year, we always receive a strong contingent of students from Pakistan. We’d love to add you to our ever-growing global family of Oxford Scholastica alumni.

We’re very accustomed to catering for the specific concerns and needs of Pakistani families, and we’re sure you’ll feel at home here in this inspirational city.

Read on to find out why Pakistani families choose the Oxford Scholastica Academy.

The Best Courses

Studying against the backdrop of a city world-famous for its intellectual rigour and academic integrity, you’ll have the chance to push yourself further than ever before as you take on our Oxford summer courses.

Whether you’re in ninth grade, working towards your matriculation certificate, or preparing for university at an intermediate college, Oxford Scholastica’s courses will build on your existing knowledge and give you the experience and skills you need to prepare successful college applications for your chosen courses.

The Best People

Oxford Scholastica is inspirational for a lot of reasons, and one of them is the people you’ll meet. Your tutors will be from some of the world’s best educational institutions, Oxford and Cambridge included, and they’ll push you to think and work in new ways.

The staff at Oxford Scholastica are world-quality, but the students here are also pretty extraordinary (read on to hear from two of them!). Just like at university, our cohorts hail from every corner of the globe, and each and every student is hard-working, curious, and passionate about their subject. The product of this is a group of inspiring, diverse young people, who form, by the end of the two weeks, what most of our graduates describe as a ‘family.’ You’ll make friends for life at Oxford Scholastica.

Your Future Success

Are you thinking of studying in the UK? Not only do we provide students with the chance to delve into their subjects in breadth and depth, and to discover their academic interests, but we also offer a taste of the UK university system. The summer school is full of opportunities to ask questions, to listen and to start making plans of your own.

Most of the staff at Oxford Scholastica, your Activities Co-ordinators and the Heads of House who’ll make your experience both as fun and safe as possible, are UK-based university students or recent graduates, who jump at the chance to chat about their studies and how they got to where they are now. For a formalised look at the process on a more detailed level, we run Masterclasses about applying to UK universities, covering the UCAS system, grades, funding and personal statements. You’ll always be given the chance to ask questions at the end about your own particular pathway.

Meet Us In Pakistan

Contact our Pakistan Country Head, Beenish, for more information and to discuss any concerns you have. Beenish has sent her daughter Lailamah to Oxford Scholastica for the past two summers, and has stayed with us in Oxford to experience the summer school. She is based in Karachi and is our point of contact for all Pakistani families considering the Oxford Scholastica Academy for their children. She is available on email or Whatsapp (+92 321 8120112) at any time.

Contact Beenish

Hear from Pakistani parents and students about their experiences


Hear from Rati (2016, Experience International Relations, Politics & Leadership Academy) about her experience at the Oxford Scholastica Academy.
Q: Where are you from (specifically), and what school did you go to?
I’ve lived in Karachi most of my life, and I attended Karachi Grammar School.
Q: Did you come to Oxford Scholastica alone, or with a friend?
I decided to come to the summer school with a friend of mine, Sana. I enjoyed having a friend from home a lot!
Q: How did you feel about coming to Oxford and the UK? Were you nervous? What were you worried about before you came?
I was actually more excited than nervous about the prospect of meeting so many new people, and staying in such an exciting and beautiful city. Independence is not something that concerned me, but I was worried that I wouldn’t find people I enjoy or vibe with, but this was definitely not the case.
Q: How did you find the experience?
I really, really enjoyed my course – I learnt about things that I would not have been able to learn at school, and it was great especially learning this with people from such diverse backgrounds. The accommodation basically felt like staying at a hotel – now I’m actually at University, I know the reality can feel different. An important part of our two weeks was the Oxford Scholastica staff – there was a student helper, Eliza, who literally made my time there, especially when she took a group of us for ice-cream. The activities were fun, especially debating at the Union!
Q: What are you doing now? Do you believe Oxford Scholastica helped you get to where you are today?
I attended the Oxford Scholastica Academy (OSA) over 3 years ago now, and I’m now at the University of Cambridge studying History and Politics. I think my experience at OSA was significant in that, it made me realise my love for politics and IR, and also made me delve further into the study of politics. Specifically, however, it also helped me realise that I wanted to apply to the ‘other’ one. (Jokes, Oxford is an amazing city. The Hist-Pol course at Cambridge just suited me better).

Zoya pakistan oxford scholastica

Hear from Zoya (2018, Experience International Relations, Politics & Leadership Academy) about her experience at the Oxford Scholastica Academy.
Q: Where are you from (specifically), and what school did you go to?
I’m from Lahore, and I go to Lahore Grammar School.
Q: Did you come to Oxford Scholastica alone, or with a friend?
I came to Oxford Scholastica alone.
Q: How did you feel about coming to Oxford and the UK? Were you nervous? What were you worried about before you came?
Since I love travelling and experiencing new things, I was excited about attending the Oxford Scholastica Academy (OSA). Despite looking forward to my time at Oxford, I was a bundle of nerves when I started my journey to the UK. This was the very first time I’d been away from my family, all by myself, so I didn’t know what to expect. I constantly kept on worrying about what if something goes wrong or what if I won’t be able to make friends.
Q: How did you find the experience?
My experience at OSA was absolutely phenomenal. I couldn’t stop talking about my experience for six whole months! The course I chose was the Experience International Relations, Politics and Leadership Academy and I thoroughly enjoyed every class, assignment and activity that my course instructor had given us. I got to learn so many different perspectives of other countries because of my fellow course students and also learnt about topics that I hadn’t covered in school back home, which helped in broadening my knowledge spectrum. My course instructor also taught me how to write essays as well as how to present power point presentations in a proper manner. I’m a huge foodie, and trust me when I say OSA as well as Oxford did not disappoint.
OSA took us to wonderful restaurants, the cost of which is included in the final fee, where there was always a halal option for Muslim students. Even when we went on tips to Windsor and Cambridge, OSA made snack bags that had halal options, but along with all of that, Oxford itself has so many wonderful and different restaurants that offer really delicious and reasonably priced halal food.
The accommodation was was in a good location, with the room and bathroom being the perfect size for me. Girls and boys had separate rooms on separate floors, which made it a more comfortable accommodation to live in. The kitchen, where we had breakfast, was always clean, which is something I’m really finicky about. The OSA staff was so sweet and helpful, and I got along with every single one of them. Many of them shared their experiences at university with me and gave me an insight of the different courses they were doing. The activities were very different from even day activities we do here in Pakistan for fun, such as punting. The activities also helped me bond with my house mates make new friends from different houses.
Q: What are you doing now? Do you believe Oxford Scholastica helped you get to where you are today?
I’m currently in grade eleven, preparing myself to appear for my GCE O Level examinations. The course I took at OSA helped me realise how I’d be interested in opting for political sciences in university. My love for modern world affairs has also grown since my time at Oxford. Besides that, my time at OSA has helped me overcome the sudden awkwardness I faced meeting new people as well as helped me in gaining confidence and becoming independent. I made so many friends from different countries all around the world, who turned into family, which is so great because if I ever need any help I know I can always count on them.
Recently, my friends and I started a page on Instagram to raise awareness about child labor, and going to OSA and making friends from all around the world really helped the cause as all of them followed my our page and helped in spreading awareness. Going to OSA really changed me as a student as well as a person and I’d totally recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about attending!
Hear from Beenish, a mother whose only daughter, Lailamah, came to Oxford Scholastica in 2018 (Discover Creative Writing Academy) and 2019 (Discover Technology Academy).
pakistani nationality

Beenish’s daughter, Lailamah, in Oxford

Q: Hello Beenish. Where are you from?
I am from Karachi, Pakistan.
Q: Can you tell us a bit about your experience with Oxford Scholastica for your daughter?
I had a fabulous experience with the Oxford Scholastica Academy (OSA), and as a mother I felt Lailamah had a great learning exposure and experience through OSA.
Q: Before you sent her to Oxford, did you have any concerns? What were they?
Honestly I had quite a few concerns, her safety being the primary one (leaving my only child without parent supervision, for the very first time, was daunting) as well as her health, the living situation, whether she would cope well with being on her own and there was the cultural difference which was a bit of concern for me.
Q: Have you found the experience of coming to Oxford Scholastica had any effect on your daughter? Had she changed in any way when came back?
All the above concerns and worries I had were valid but they were addressed due to constant and prompt interaction with the OSA team. On her return from the program I noticed:
  •  A spike in her confidence
  • A great improvement in public speaking
  • Her approach to situations became more mature
  • She had become independent, and her decision-making was enhanced
  • Her ability to manage situations had improved.
Q: Did the Oxford Scholastica Academy take good care of your daughter?
OSA gave her beautiful memories which she cherishes even today. She made friends for life and learnt some crucial life lessons. I think that accounts for more than just taking care of her. OSA became her family.
Q: Would you recommend the Oxford Scholastica Academy to Pakistani families?
I would definitely recommend and encourage parents to send their kids to OSA. Even if it seems daunting in the beginning, it will be very worth it towards the end. These answers are completely and sincerely honest and given by a very paranoid mother!


Get in touch with our Pakistan Country Head, Beenish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels is Oxford Scholastica suitable for?

Oxford Scholastica has courses suitable for students from Grade 6 to Grade 13 (12-18 years old).

My child is Muslim. Can you accommodate that?

Yes, we can. We welcome students from many different faiths every year, and are very accustomed to welcoming Muslim students. We can facilitate visits to a local Mosque if required. Local to the area is the Central Oxford Masjid, the Central Oxford Mosque Society, the Madina Masjid and the Islamic Cultural Centre, and other places to pray include the Bangladesh Islamic Education Centre and Mosque. We’ll also be sure to accommodate any requirements regarding personal prayer.

As a richly diverse city, Oxford has is home to plenty of Halal grocery stores, and every restaurant we visit on the summer school will have Halal or vegetarian options. Please contact Beenish if you have further specific concerns.

Do you separate boys and girls in your accommodation?

Yes, we do. Boys and girls are housed in separate corridors, on different floors, or are separated by residential staff in our accommodation. We do not allow boys to go in girls’ rooms, and vice versa. We also have members of staff who are always available to help with any concerns.

Will there be many other Pakistani students there?

We welcome Pakistani students to Oxford every year, but it’s just one of the 80+ nationalities that make up our very diverse student body. So while you won’t be alone, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to make friends from around the world!

Can I speak to a representative of Oxford Scholastica in Urdu?

Yes, you can. Our Pakistan Country Head, Beenish, will be happy to chat to you in Urdu about any questions or concerns you have about choosing the Oxford Scholastica Academy. Drop her an email here, or contact her on Whatsapp (+92 321 8120112).

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