Group OSA Olympics

Friday was a return to the normal routine of lessons and independent study time after Thursday’s day trip to London. In the afternoon, students attended Masterclasses on university applications and career advice. The evening was dominated by the Oxford Olympics.

Egg Toss

The afternoon of Masterclasses helped students explore their futures. The University Masterclass was aimed specifically at students who intend to apply to British universities. The Careers Masterclass focused on CV writing advice, cover letters and interview skills. Buoyed up with knowledge and refined plans, everyone dove into dinner before the Olympics.

Boys OSA Olympics

After dinner, everyone walked to a local park for the Oxford Olympics, timed to coincide with the somewhat larger-scale Rio 2016 opening ceremony. OSA students played a variety of games, from the British classic Stuck-in-the-Mud to the three-legged race.

Olympics Game

The Egg Toss was a highlight, particularly watching competitors refine their catching technique! Russell’s team established a new record when they successfully tossed an egg to their (very relieved) catcher standing 21 metres away. In the end, there was a tie between two teams for the winning position – congratulations to them, and well done to everyone who took part!