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Students woke up bright and early to attend their classes and work on assignments this Friday. Everyone was buzzing with excitement about their upcoming class Challenges, especially Anna Matilde who could not wait to visit the John Radcliffe Hospital to get hands-on experience of speaking with patients and presenting diagnoses. After a morning of classes and Masterclasses in the afternoon, anticipation was high for Oxford Scholastica’s International Ball.

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Some students started getting ready after lunch, debating between various outfits and hair styling choices, while others had picked their ensembles the night before.  Vidhi brought a beautiful navy sari with her to Oxford Scholastica to wear just for the ball and May planned an elegant, coordinated outfit in advance, as well adding some Lebanese national dress touches at the end.

Ball photo guys smiling

After boarding the boat, the festivities began with a fridge stocked with soft drinks and a DJ playing the students’ favourite songs. The dancing started early with Anna leading the pack on the dance floor, dancing expertly to every song and even singing along to a few.

National dress

Some of the students got to practise the salsa dance moves they learned the night before and others decided to relax on the deck, chat and watch the beautiful sunset. Ioannis adopted a few Lebanese accessories for the night, and championed Cypriot-Lebanese relations.

Ball Boat Party

Following an exciting evening including Taylor Swift lip-syncing, dancing the Macarena and socialising, everyone reluctantly made their way back to the accommodation to get a good night’s sleep before jumping into their Challenges on Saturday.