The first full day of the summer began with introductory classes for the majority of the students, and a welcome talk from Jamie, Sophie and Georgia. After meeting their tutors in person for the first time, the students set out on a mission to explore Oxford. Everyone headed out with the Activity Coordinators who have studied at Oxford to see the highlights of the city. These included the Bridge of Sighs, the Radcliffe Camera, Christchurch College (where some of the Harry Potter films were shot) and the Examination Hall. We also walked through the Christchurch Meadow where Oxford students proudly cast their friends into the river post exams. After the tour the students headed out in groups to complete a Treasure Hunt in the centre city, allowing our speedier students to showcase their skills, sprinting around the Radcliffe Camera. Our more studious students puzzled out clues leading to quintessential Oxford locations. The night was closed with dinner followed by G & D’s ice-cream, a famous-in-Oxford delicacy and a delicious way to cap off the first day of the summer school.