Today our students had the opportunity to try their hand at a famous Oxford academic pastime, learning the premises of the British Parliamentary style of debate, a globally accepted standard of debate. The students were placed into different groups, taking the opportunity to prepare themselves for the later debate and practice their skills with the help of our tutors.

The Union has a rich history of debate, playing host to an extremely diverse group of people from all walks of life discussing topics that are equally as wide ranging. To name a few of the speakers that the Union has played host to the list includes, impeached U.S President Robert Nixon, Emma Watson and Buzz Aldrin, as well as a huge amount of politicians and celebrities from all over the world. Clearly an exceptional group of people that are students were following!

After using their time to prepare our students were ready to put their skills to the test, in a debate between one another. An important part of the session was the hot air balloon style of debating. Our students chose various historical figures they believed to be important and had to defend the legacy they had left behind. This led to fascinating discussion and points of argument from the students – especially when the debate was run using Marvel characters!

We paused for dinner which was provided by Mission Burrito, a nearby Mexican restaurant which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

After dinner it was time for the debating final, which pitted two teams of standout students from the masterclasses of the day against each other. The final provided the opportunity not only for our students to observe a full style debate but also the chance to speak in front of a large audience as even those not in the teams could ask questions to the speakers. Overall everyone really enjoyed the event and the chance to hone essential public speaking and debating skills! The title of ‘debating MVP’ however, was given to Jayden and Jan – well done to them!